Athletes get lucky. Every once in a while a player will look like a hall of famer for one year (often in a contract year) and then never show another glimpse of that legendary talent ever again. Here is a list of some of the worst free-agent signings of all time.

  1. Mets sign Bobby Bonilla
  2. Eagles sign Terrell Owens
  3. Browns sign Andre Rison
  4. Pirates sign Derek Bell
  5. Indians sign Wayne Garland
  6. Raiders sign Larry Brown
  7. Red Sox sign Matt Young
  8. Orioles sign Albert Belle
  9. New York Jets sign Neil O'Donnell
  10. Sonics sign Jim McIlvaine
  11. Royals sign Mark Davis
  12. Seahawks sign Nate Odems
  13. Philadelphia Blazers sign Derek Sanderson
  14. Redskins sign Deion Sanders
  15. Lions sign Scott Mitchell
  16. Seahawks sign Nate Odomes
  17. Chiefs sign Tony Casillas
  18. Hawks sign Jon Koncak