What person or team do you think has a reputation for choking in the big moment, and why? Add yours here...

  1. Buffalo Bills - 0-4 in the biggest sport's biggest game
  2. Phil Mickelson - Lefty drives it into the woods on #18 at the US Open, then drive off a roof. His bogey costs him a major.
  3. Minnesota Vikings - Before the Buffalo Bills refined futility in the big game, the Vikings invented it
  4. Scott Norwood - "he missed it!"
  5. Atlanta Braves - 14 consecutive division titles, only one World Championship. That's the kind of playoff batting average that gets you sent down to Triple-A.
  6. 2000 Portland Trail Blazers
  7. Greg Norman - blew the biggest final day lead in Master's History.
  8. Jean Van de Velde - Need to card only a 6 on the par 4 18th to win the British Open. He shot a 7.
  9. Barry Bonds - 'roids'?
  10. Michelle Kwan - lots of World Championships, no gold. Ouch.
  11. Chris Webber - With possession of the ball, called timeout in the final seconds of the NCAA Championship game. Problem was, his team had none.
  12. 1964 Philadelphia Phillies - blew the biggest late season lead ever and missed the playoffs.
  13. Karl Malone - no titles.
  14. Leon Lett- Super bowl on the Cowboys, fumbling on the 1 yard line.
  15. Vince Young- "Mr. INT"
  16. Mark Prior- Mark Prior
  17. 2007 Chicago Bears- HORRIBLE
  18. Chicago Cubs- 100 years without a title. Enough said.
  19. Kenny Perry - 2009 Masters
  20. Andy Roddick - the biggest headcase in sports