The USDA suggests you do the following to save time at home when researching and working on the computer:

  1. Make work books that contain all the reference materials you need for a particular task.
  2. Make lists and worksheets on computer for each workbook changing. Change them as needs change...make the workable for you.
  3. Program speed dials or place lists of frequently used numbers near the phone.
  4. Color code, including forms. For example, pink may be great for personnel, green for travel, blue for manuscript forms, yellow for ARIS.
  5. Use a recycle bin that sits for a week or so, because as soon as you throw something away, you will need it.
  6. Use numbering systems that mean something to you. For example, name a manuscript file the three initials of the first author and three sequential numbers.
  7. Learn to use cut and paste, especially between programs.
  8. Save frequently.
  9. Put things away.
  10. Write yourself notes and place them where they will best be utilized.