Parents and guardians looking to teach their kids how to be successful anglers might want to consider the following tips, provided by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.

  1. Keep it simple. Take into consideration the child’s skill level.
  2. Kids like to catch fish. The size of fish doesn’t matter to kids, but catching fish does. Choose a pond, lake or stream where they will easily be able to catch a few fish
  3. Use simple tackle. Buy a good spin-cast rod and reel combination for kids to use; most cost between $15-$30..
  4. Always bring a camera. Children love to show off their “big catch” photos to others.
  5. Keep the trip fun—and short. Let the child have a good time, even if it means putting the fishing rod down and trying to catch tadpoles by hand.
  6. Be patient. Plan on spending your time untangling lines, baiting hooks, landing fish and taking pictures of big smiles and wiggling fish.