1. The best way to prevent appendicitis is to eat plenty of green leafy vegetables.
  2. More about this is covered below under "Nutrition". However, if you find you do have symptoms of appendicitis already, there are some herbs that have been known to help reduce the effects.
  3. These herbs include: detoxifying and fever-reducing herbs (Flos lonicerae, Fructus forsythiae, Herba taraxaci, Patrinia scabioseafolia, Gypsum fibrosum), circulation-enhancing herbs (Semen persicae, Radix paeoniae rubra, Squama manitis, Spina gleditsiae), and laxatives (Rhizoma rhei, Mirabilitum depuratum).
  4. Belladonna and Bryonia are classic homeopathic remedies often used for an inflamed appendix with symptoms. Patients who used the appropriate homeopathic remedy plus conventional Western medicine found relief from their symptoms and cleared up their appendicitis quickly.