Here's how to help prevent bladder infections:

  1. Advice for women:
  2. Some suggest that emptying the bladder after intercourse may be helpful.
  3. Avoid using perfumed soaps, bubble baths, scented douches, and vaginal deodorants.
  4. These contain substances that can irritate the urethra and make it more vulnerable to infection.
  5. If you use a diaphragm for birth control, make sure it fits properly and don't leave it in too long.
  6. Wiping from front to back after emptying the bladder may prevent bacteria around the anus from getting into the urethra and ultimately the bladder.
  7. It may be helpful to eat yogurt which contains good bacteria called lactobacilli. These bacteria may help in preventing an infection.
  8. Advice for men and women:
  9. Urinate regularly and empty your bladder completely.
  10. Wear cotton underwear and loose, nonbinding clothing that does not trap heat and moisture in the crotch.
  11. In general, practice good hygiene.
  12. Drink plenty of liquids. Cranberry juice may be helpful according to some studies, but it is more helpful for preventing a bladder infection since it keeps bacteria from attaching to the bladder and creating an infection.
  13. Avoid substances known to irritate the bladder such as alcohol and coffee.