Prevention of Salmonella food poisoning involves the proper handling and cooking of foods likely to carry the bacteria.

  1. The only effective way to prevent salmonella poisoning is with heat. For this reason it is essential to cook food thoroughly.
  2. Poultry must always be thoroughly cooked or boiled.
  3. Minced meat must always be thoroughly cooked or boiled.
  4. Never crack a raw egg on a bowl containing other foods - use a knife to crack the shell.
  5. In most eggs, the salmonella bacteria exist only on the shell. Eggs should be scalded in boiling water for five seconds before use.
  6. Careful handwashing is a must before, during, and after all food preparation involving eggs and poultry. Handwashing is also important after handling and playing with pets such as turtles, iguanas, chicks, dogs and cats.