The "Help Wanted" ads in newspapers list numerous jobs. Here are some tips for you to consider when using this approach:

  1. Realize that many other job openings are not listed, and that the classified ads sometimes do not give all of the important information.
  2. They may offer little or no description of the job, working conditions, or pay. Some ads do not identify the employer.
  3. They may simply give a post office box to which you can mail your résumé, making follow-up inquiries very difficult.
  4. Some ads offer out-of-town jobs; others advertise employment agencies rather than actual employment opportunities.
  5. Do not rely solely on the classifieds to find a job; follow other leads as well.
  6. Answer ads promptly, because openings may be filled quickly, even before the ad stops appearing in the paper.
  7. Read the ads every day, particularly the Sunday edition, which usually includes the most listings.
  8. Beware of "no experience necessary" ads. These ads often signal low wages, poor working conditions, or commission work.
  9. Keep a record of all ads to which you have responded, including the specific skills, educational background, and personal qualifications required for the position.