I know what you are thinking, kids. Nope, read on to see what a study about the cause of traffic accidents conducted by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles and Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond said...

  1. Rubbernecking (looking at a crash, vehicle, roadside incident, or traffic) - Keep traffic moving by avoiding this one
  2. Driver fatigue - Never be afraid to pull over for a quick nap
  3. Looking at scenery or landmarks - Take advantage of the roadside stop offs
  4. Passenger or child distraction - Be sure that your children know how important it is that you focus on driving
  5. Adjusting radio or changing CD or tape - Sit through that awful song, just until you hit the stop light
  6. Cell phone - Talking on it while driving is illegal in some states so be careful
  7. Eyes not on the road - Uh oh! This one could defiantly lead to trouble.
  8. Not paying attention, daydreaming - Nothing is more exciting than today
  9. Eating or drinking - Don't drink and drive
  10. Adjusting vehicle controls - Darn those complicated new features
  11. Weather conditions - icy roads can lead to hot heads if you get in a wreck
  12. Insect, animal, or object entering or striking vehicle - My cat doesn't seem to understand that she needs to stay in the passenger seat
  13. Document, book, map, directions, or newspaper - Remember keeping your eyes on the road is the most important factor while driving
  14. Medical or emotional impairment - Never drive when emotionally distraught