Depending upon the circumstances, some people can recover from posttraumatic stress without treatment, sometimes within 6 months.

  1. In some cases, symptoms of PTSD may not even appear for several months or longer following the traumatic event. Fortunately, mental health and medical professionals can effectively treat the disorder.
  2. Your child's teacher, doctor, or any other caregiver who routinely sees your child can play an important role in recognizing and treating posttraumatic stress. Other mental health professionals who can help your child include:
  3. psychologists
  4. psychiatrists
  5. licensed clinical social workers
  6. licensed professional counselors
  7. licensed trauma professionals
  8. Therapy can be extremely supportive and helpful, particularly if the trauma was unusually severe or life threatening.
  9. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is often helpful for trauma survivors. This type of therapy helps your child to adopt new thoughts (called cognitions) and behaviors in place of destructive or negative ones, while safely revisiting aspects of the trauma.