Treatment may be useful in several ways. Proper advice will ensure the elimination of potentially harmful drugs, foods, or toxins.

  1. If the patient is deficient in vitamin D, then this should be corrected. The thyroid function should be tested and, if low, treated with a thyroid hormone.
  2. Symptoms may be successfully relieved. Itching is often reduced by using cholestryramine and rifampin. Salt restriction may be effective in reducing fluid accumulation.
  3. The diet should be well-balanced. Corticosteroids have been found ineffective in most patients. The FDA has approved only URSO 250 (manufactured by Axcan Scandipharm) for use in patients with PBC. The recommended dose is 13-15 mg/kg once a day.
  4. Physicians who treat PNC patients often prescribe other ursodiol products off-label. These products include Actigall (manufactured by Novartis) and various generic formulations.