Once other causes have been ruled out and a diagnosis of somatization disorder is secured, the goal of treatment is to help the person learn to control the symptoms. Know of any other treatments?

  1. Antidepressant medication or other psychiatric medication can provide relief from the physical symptoms.
  2. Psychotherapy can help the person cope with chronic physical discomfort and understand how to manage it better.
  3. <b>Treatment by Psychotherapy include:</b>
  4. Adlerian Therapy - 12-stage depth psychotherapy model that targets the dissolving of the style of life and fictional final goal, paving the emergence of the self/other/task actualization.
  5. Behavior Therapy - based upon the principles of classical conditioning and operant conditioning.
  6. Existential Therapy - discovers why the patient is overburdened by the anxieties of aloneness and meaninglessness, finds new and better ways to manage these anxieties, makes new and healthy choices, and emerges from therapy as a free and sound human being.
  7. Gestalt Therapy - focuses on the individual's experience in the present moment, the therapist-client relationship, and emphasizes personal responsibility.
  8. Person-centered Therapy - helps a person achieve personal growth and/or come to terms with a specific event or problem they are having.
  9. Psychoanalytic - seeks to discover connections among the unconscious components of patients' mental processes. Seeks to help liberate the patient from unexamined or unconscious barriers of transference and resistance, that is, past patterns of relating that are no longer serviceable or that inhibit freedom.
  10. Rational-emotive Therapy - active-directive, solution-oriented therapy which focuses on resolving cognitive, emotional, and behavioral problems in clients.
  11. Reality Therapy - focuses on the here-and-now of the client and how to create a better future, instead of concentrating on the past. It emphasizes making decisions and taking action and control of one's own life.
  12. Transactional Analysis - describes how people are structured psychologically using the ego-state (Parent-Adult-Child) model to do this. This same model helps understand how people function and express themselves in their behavior.