Those poor residents of Phoenix sweat the most in America, according to a bizarre semi-scientific study from Procter and Gamble, which makes Old Spice deodorant and cologne. If you live in Phoenix, you can be expected to produce 26 ounces of sweat per hour on a typical summer day when the temp hits the average high of 93.3F. This is where it gets gross: In three hours, Phoenix residents collectively produced enough sweat to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. This gave us an idea, let's make a list. What are your sweatiest cities?

  1. Phoenix, Arizona- But it's a dry heat?
  2. Las Vegas, Nevada- sweat from the heat, or is it gambling losses?
  3. Tucson, Arizona- do cactus cause prickly heat?
  4. Dallas, Texas- Yeehaw, moist and smoggy!
  5. Corpus Cristi, Texas- Oil and hurricanes, what's not to love about being wet?
  6. San Antonio, Texas- Remember the Alamo....isn't airconditioned
  7. Austin, Texas- Where Dell rhymes with well ... into the 90's
  8. Shreveport, Louisiana- look for some place indoors to eat
  9. Houston, Texas- Houston, really, we do have a problem.
  10. Waco, Texas- unfortunately made famous for burning heat, but not of the solar kind
  11. Columbus, Ohio - who says Ohio too far north?
  12. Miami, Florida - hence the NBA basketball team, the Heat