These rodents are mostly found outside (i hope) and though they are thought of as rodents they just look so darn cute. Below is a list of types of squirrel-like rodents:

  1. Prarie Dogs
  2. Eastern Fox Squirrel
  3. Douglas’ Squirrel
  4. Marmot
  5. Woodchuck
  6. Gray Squirrel
  7. Abert’s Squirrel
  8. Eastern Chipmunk
  9. Black Giant Squirrel
  10. Delmarva Fox Squirrel
  11. American Red Squirrel
  12. Least Chipmunk
  13. Hoary Marmot
  14. Columbian Ground Squirrel
  15. Flying Squirrel
  16. Eurasian Red Squirrel
  17. Southern Flying Squirrel