Although fireplaces are becoming more and more popular, they are a common cause for home fires and emergency room visits. These are some ways to keep your fireplace safe. Please add more tips that you can think of.

  1. Have your flue and chimney inspected each season
  2. Don't forget to open the damper and don't close it too soon
  3. Don't use charcoal in a fireplace
  4. Don't allow children or pets to get too close to the fireplace
  5. Don't use gasoline, charcoal lighter fluid or other fuel to light the fire
  6. Don't burn plastic or other garbage
  7. Clean your chimney regularly
  8. Don't use too much paper to build the fire
  9. Don't hang decorations from your mantel if it means they are too close to the fire or could fall in
  10. Make sure there is a covering on the fireplace (wire or glass) to keep embers from popping out and hitting your carpet or wood floor.
  11. If you have a gas chimney, make sure to check the lines every now and again
  12. Make sure a smoke detector or gas/carbon monoxide dector is near your fireplace
  13. Make sure ashes and wood that are removed are completely done burning. Many times you can't tell until you put it in the trash and then a fire starts