Every 30 seconds a child is poisoned in the United States. Sixty percent of all poisonings occur to children under the age of six. Here are some things to do if you think a poisoning has occurred:

  1. First of all, remain calm!
  2. Call the Poison Control Center or your doctor.
  3. Let them know your child's condition
  4. Let them know the name of the product and ingredients
  5. Let them know how much of the product was taken
  6. Let them know the time the poisoning happened
  7. Let them know your name and phone number
  8. Let them know the age of the poisoned child
  9. Let them know the weight of the poisoned child
  10. The Poison Control Center or doctor will tell you what to do next.
  11. Be sure you know how to give first aid if a poisoning occurs.