In my attempt to try and eat better, I decided that I would eat more salads. And what makes up the majority of most salads? Lettuce. So I did a little looking into this thing called lettuce and found out that different lettuce is assigned to Cultivar Groups depending on the head formation and leaf structure. Here they are:

  1. Butterhead - also knows as Boston or Bibb, forms a loose head, buttery in flavor.
  2. Chinese lettuce - long sword like leaves with a bitter or robust flavor (I don't like these)
  3. Crisphead - also known as iceburg. Tight, dense heads that look like cabbage. Very mild flavor but very crisp texture.
  4. Looseleaf - tender, delicate, mild flavor leaves
  5. Romaine - head formed with long leaves (my favorite!)
  6. Summer Crisp - also knows as Batavian, dense head, crunchy texture, kind of falls between the iceberg and looseleaf types.