How often do you find yourself using these words? Just know that the people around you wish you'd quit! This list of worst used words was compiled by a funny little committee at Lake Superior State University in Michigan. What would you add to it?

  1. SURREAL – One part opiate of the masses, 13 parts overuse.
  2. HUNKER DOWN – To brace oneself, in anticipation of media onslaught. Trotted out in reports about everything from politics to hurricanes.
  3. PERSON OF INTEREST – Found within the context of legal commentary. In other words, people with guns want to talk with you.
  4. COMMUNITY OF LEARNERS – A five-dollar phrase on a nickel-errand. Value-added into many higher education mission statements.
  5. UP OR DOWN VOTE – A casualty of today's partisanship.
  6. BREAKING NEWS – It used to stop the presses. Now it's a lower-intestinal condition brought about by eating dinner during newscasts.
  7. DESIGNER BREED – Perhaps it's the bastardization of dog breeding. “When you mate a miniature schnauzer to a toy poodle, it's not a ‘Schnoodle,' it's a mongrel.” – George Bullerjahn, Bowling Green, Ohio.
  8. FEMA – Dedicated to the memory of a great federal agency consigned to the ash heap of parody. “If they don't do anything, we don't need their acronym.” – Josh Hamilton, Tucson, Ariz.
  9. FIRST-TIME CALLER – Preamble often heard on talk radio. “I am serious in asking: who in any universe gives a care?” – Miguel McCormick, Orlando, Fla.
  10. PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO YOU! – Marketing catch phrase that became a lost-leader long ago. “Read: Pass the markup along to you.” – C. W. Estes, Roanoke, Tex.
  11. 97% FAT FREE – Adventures in delusion. It still has 3% fat.
  12. AN ACCIDENT THAT DIDN'T HAVE TO HAPPEN – Best-laid mayhem.
  13. JUNK SCIENCE – Banished from the Marketplace of Ideas.
  14. GIT-ER-DONE – It's overdone.
  15. DAWG – No designer breed here.
  16. TALKING POINTS – Cover your ears! “Topics which will please those you want to impress.” – Michele Mooney, Van Nuys, Calif.
  17. HOLIDAY TREE – Many salvoes were fired during this past season's “war on Christmas.” Holiday tree is a silly name for what most of us hold as a Christmas tree, no matter your preference of religion
  18. 24/7 - Makes me want to smack you... ALL THE TIME!!!
  19. CLICHE - is it cliche to say cliche?