This particular list was given to several of my students from various schools in Columbus Ohio. The words are called “No Excuse” words, probably because there should be “no excuse” for not knowing them. I don’t know the source, but I hope you find it useful. Adrienne Edwards, Dyslexia Tutor in Columbus Ohio. Does your 4th grader know these?

  1. <b>Grade 1:</b><br>am, is, are, was, were, be<br>I, me, you, he, she, it, we, they, one, all, man, his, your<br>on, like, to, as, for, from, by, up, at<br>and, or, but, so, if, with, the, an<br>can, did, do, have, had, get, make, want, went, go, said, see<br>this, that, there, what, when, no, not, good
  2. <b>Grade 2:</b><br>out, about, around, after, down, into, over, back, where, which<br>her, him, them, who, many, any, other, some, their, my, our, its<br>will, would, should, could, through, may<br>find, know, made, use, write, been, call, think, has<br>how, than, then, too, just, also, more, most, much, now<br>first, little, long, new, only, same, right, very, two<br>words, water, day, people, way
  3. <b>Grade 3:</b><br>again, almost, always, because, off, next, until, once, really, why<br>angry, blue, away, careful, early, every, favorite, gone, great, kind, well, pretty, those<br>eight, four, three<br>animal, friend, family, father, girl, children, mother, parents, picture, school, self<br>ask, buy, came, come, does, done, knew, set, thank, saw, wrote watch<br>I'll, it's, they're, you're
  4. <b>Grade 4:</b><br>able, another, beautiful, enough, different, either, exciting, important, special, quiet<br>already, especially, finally, probably, usually, suddenly, often, quite<br>among, between, except, here, high, since, though, while<br>became, become, bought, brought, built, caught, choose, chose, found, guess, happen, hear, own, remember, threw, we're, would<br>pair, piece, question, surprise, tomorrow, wrong, thought