Was thinking about all the airlines that I have flown and realized that so many have gone out of business. Hope it wasn't my fault. Any I have missed?

  1. National Airlines - Florida based
  2. Alleghany Airlines aka "Agony Airlrines"
  3. TWA Stiffed me on a ticket once
  4. Piedmont Airlines - Small fat jets that looked like flying eggs
  5. Laker Remember Freddie Laker?
  6. Eastern - Actually it has gone out of business twice
  7. Independence Air - a recent one - pretty good too
  8. Pan Am
  9. Value Jet - Miami Crash with oxygen Tanks did them in
  10. Midway Airlines - Out of biz the day after 9/11
  11. Braniff Airlines July 2, 1992
  12. Air America CIA owned this one!
  13. Allegheny Airlines (became US Airways)
  14. Southeast Airlines - Out in November 2004 -
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