The following list includes just some of the important events happened in 2006. Feel free to add more.

  1. On Jan. 2, an explosion in a coal mine in Sago, West Virginia, claimed the lives of 12 men.
  2. The University of Texas won the BCS National Championship game played in Rose Bowl, beating USC.
  3. Throughout the Muslim world, demonstrations became violent in response to a Danish newspaper depicting the Prophet Muhammad in unflattering ways.
  4. The Pittsburg Steelers beat the Seattle Seahawks to win the Super Bowl.
  5. The city of Turin, Italy hosted the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in February and the United States captured 25 medals.
  6. Tom Delay of Texas became ensnared in a corruption scandal and announced his decision to leave Congress. His last day in office was June 8.
  7. The University of Florida won the NCAA Men’s Basketball title.
  8. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their supporters skipped work, school and shopping on May 1 and marched in dozens of cities from coast to coast.
  9. On May 5, the Sudanese government and the largest of the Darfur rebel groups signed a hard-fought peace agreement intended to end three years of misery and bloodshed in Darfur.
  10. A string of eight powerful bombs ripped through India’s commuter train system during the evening rush hour on July 11, killing approximately 200 and wounding over 700, and bringing the country's financial capital to a panicked standstill.
  11. On Aug. 10, British authorities thwarted a terrorist plot to using liquid explosives to launch a wave of attacks on airplanes between Britain and the United States.
  12. A tense, fragile cease-fire between Israeli troops and Hezbollah guerrillas began on Aug. 15 after several weeks of war, which started on July 13.
  13. The International Astronomical Union meeting in Prague, astronomers voted on Aug. 24 for a sweeping reclassification of the solar system and demoting Pluto to a “dwarf planet”.
  14. North Korea tested a nuclear missile on Oct. 9.
  15. The St Louis Cardinals beat the Detroit Tigers in the World Series.
  16. At 7:46 a.m. Eastern time on Oct. 17, according to Census Bureau estimates, the United States' population reached 300 million people.
  17. On Nov. 7, the Democrats took over Congress in the midterm elections, picking up 27 seats in the House and six seats in the Senate.
  18. Saddam Hussein was hanged just before dawn on Dec. 30 during the morning call to prayer.
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