These are movies that have won eight or more oscars.

  1. Ben-Hur - 11 (out of 12 nominations) - Starring Charlton Heston as the rich Jewish prince Judah Ben-Hur in Jerusalem.
  2. Titanic - 11 (out of 14 nominations) - Directed by James Cameron starring DiCaprio and Winslet. The story about the infamously ill-fated ship and the people on board.
  3. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King - 11 (out of 11 nominations) - The third film adaption of J.R.R. Tolkien's epic story about the hobbits and Middle Earth directed by Peter Jackson.
  4. West Side Story - 10 (out of 11 nominations) - An adaption of the Broadway musical that starred Natalie Wood. The co-starring role was passed on my Elvis Presley, Warren Beatty, Burt Reynolds and Bobby Darin and eventually given to Richard Beymer.
  5. Gone With The Wind - 10 (out of 13 nominations) - The epic film starring Clark Gable is still the highest grossing box-office film today (with adjusted inlfation).
  6. Gigi - 9 (out of 9 nominations) - The 1958 film about a turn-of-the-century romance in Paris.
  7. The Last Emperor - 9 (out of 9 nominations) - Follows the People's Republic of China's prison camps and a war criminal named Puyí.
  8. The English Patient - 9 (out of 12 nominations) - Follows a patient with amnesia during World War II and his nurse Hana.
  9. From Here to Eternity - 8 (out of 13 nominations) - Follows people on the military base of Pearl Harbor preceding the attack.
  10. On The Waterfront - 8 (out of 12 nominations) - A film about mob violence and corruption amongst dock workers, starring Marlon Brando.
  11. My Fair Lady - 8 (out of 12 nominations) - A musical starring Audrey Hepburn based on the play "Pygmalion" about a man who believes he can change a woman with a Cockney accent into a duchess.
  12. Gandhi - 8 (out of 11 nominations) - A film that dramtizes the life of Mahatma Gandhi played by Ben Kingsley.
  13. Amadeus - 8 (out of 11 nominations) - A film about Amadeus Mozart, the German composer, made for an American audience.
  14. Cabaret - 8 (out of 10 nominations) - Did not win Best Picture! Another musical, this one set in the Berlin prior to the Nazi regime.
  15. Slumdog Millionaire - 8 (out of 10) - A Mumbai teen who grew up in the slums, becomes a contestant on the Indian version of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" He is arrested under suspicion of cheating, and while being interrogated, events from his life history are shown which explain why he knows the answers.
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