Some popular dating web sites and blogs got us thinking about what makes for a good bachelorette party. Below includes a few of their suggestions but we’d like to hear what you think as well!

  1. Do some games early on before the entertainment arrives to help losen up folks
  2. Be careful that any/all couples will find strippers and alcohol appropriate sites.
  3. Make sure that the same people invited to the party are also invited on wedding day
  4. Don't make booze the only beverage choice - more and more people are taking a pass on alcohol these days
  5. Consider new venues like spa houses, or combining it with a road trip to a favorite sports game
  6. Don’t have time to plan the party yourself? There are Service Providers who will plan and run it for you
  7. Consider picking a theme for the party like "Survivor" or "Roman toga" or Celebrity Look-a-like
  8. Make sure to line up transportation with a local limo company (especiallly if alcohol is part of the fun)
  9. Think about memorable leave-behinds like special t-shirts and or hats for the bride-to-be and her friends
  10. Think about fun gifts for everyone, including erotic chocolates and other novelties
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