Sometimes certain places acquire certain pickup lines. Think of these the next time you are at one of these places. Better yet, add a few of your own!

  1. Try and catch me if you can (when stopped at an intersection)
  2. As cool as you can get it (in an ice cream parlour)
  3. Where beauty meets quality. (Jewellery store)
  4. Did I see your picture on the brochure? (in a gym)
  5. I've seen you in here before. (at Church)
  6. What are the chances we both chose the same place? (on vacation)
  7. How lucky for them. They get to go with you wherever you go. (footware store)
  8. Wanna see the stars? (at a Museum of Science)
  9. Aw..he's so cute! What's his name? (anyone with a pet or a kid)
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