Some say you are what you eat, but hopefully you aren't one of these! Men's Health magazine has identified the 10 dirtiest foods--from bad burgers and dangerous deli meats to hazardous health foods.

  1. Chicken – One study found more than 40 percent of chicken samples contained bacteria that can sicken, including E. coli.
  2. Ground Beef -- It has the potential to be loaded with deadly E. coli bacteria and more.
  3. Ground Turkey -- One in four packages of ground turkey tested contained bacteria.
  4. Oysters -- Many are tainted not only with bacteria, but also the Norovirus.
  5. Eggs -- Associated with 600,000 cases of food poisoning a year and 300 deaths.
  6. Cantaloupe -- Bacteria is transferred into the fruit when cut with a knife.
  7. Peaches - Dangerous because the peach fuzz makes it difficult to clean off the pesticides.
  8. Pre-Packaged Tossed Salads -- Often contaminated with E. Coli.
  9. Cold Cuts -- Can contain the dangerous bacteria Listeria, often spread by the deli slicer.
  10. Scallions -- They've been linked to deadly outbreaks of Hepatitis-A.
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