"Two and a Half Men" is an American television sitcom centered around a freewheeling bachelor, Charlie, whose carefree lifestyle is depicted by all the random women he brings home. These are all of his girlfriends over the many seasons of the show:

  1. Melanie Lynskey ... Rose (the crazy neighbor who always climbs over the back patio rail)
  2. April Bowlby ... Kandi (the ditz that eventually ends up dating and eloping with Alan)
  3. Emmanuelle Vaugier ... Mia (almost married)
  4. Ming-Na ... Linda Harris (the too-smart politician)
  5. Judy Greer ... Myra (Judith's sister-in-law who doesn't pee a lot)
  6. Denise Richards ... Lisa (an old-flame (in reality now as well))
  7. Jennifer Bini Taylor ... Suzanne (from the "Pilot")
  8. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe ... Gail (devil-worshiper)
  9. Jeri Ryan ... Sherri (the ex that Charlie encourages Alan to go after, she ends is surprisingly interested)
  10. Jenna Elfman ... Frankie (lives in Charlie's house, but not really Charlie's gf ever, b/c Alan wins her over first)
  11. Rachel Cannon ... Chloe (the one who flocks to his handyman)
  12. Katherine LaNasa ... Lydia (the live-in girlfriend who battles with Berta)
  13. Gail O'Grady ... Mandi (Kandi's mom)
  14. Jenny McCarthy ... Courtney (Charlie's mom's boyfriend's daughter and car saleswoman who sleeps with Charlie to sell him an exotic car)
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