Everyone makes mistakes! Being a referee or an umpire is one of the hardest, most stressful jobs in sports. Here is a list of the worst calls in the history of sports.

  1. Colorado's fifth down: This is unexcusable. How can you be a paid official, and forget the number of downs a team has!
  2. Chuck Knoblauch's phantom tag
  3. Jeffrey Maier assists Jeter home run
  4. Vinny Testaverde's TD
  5. Thanksgiving Day coin flip flap
  6. Denkinger calls Royals' Orta safe at first
  7. Maradona's "Hand of God"
  8. Soviets get extra time in 1972 Olympic hoops
  9. Brett Hull's skate in the crease
  10. Drew Pearson's "Hail Mary" catch
  11. Hue Hollins calls foul against Scottie Pippen
  12. Mike Renfro ruled out of bounds
  13. 1980 Stanley Cup Final offsides no-call
  14. Charles White's TD and fumble in 1979 Rose Bowl
  15. Kent Hrbek knocks Ron Gant off first base
  16. Jordan bumps Byron Russell
  17. "Scoreboard" call from '75 Wake Forest-UNC game
  18. The final two seconds of the 1998 Rose Bowl
  19. Eric Gregg's wide strike zone
  20. Roy Jones Jr. gold medal decision
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