The NCAA announced these rule changes for the 2006 season:

  1. Eye Shields - In the illegal equipment rules, only eye shields that are completely clear will be allowed.
  2. Kicking Tee - A tee is a device that elevates the ball for kicking purposes. It may not elevate the ball’s lowest point more than one-inch about the ground. The change from a two-inch tee to a one-inch tee could lessen the number of touchbacks.
  3. Halftime - The intermission between halves, which begins when the field is clear of all players and coaches, shall be 20 minutes. The home team administration may lengthen or shorten the 20 minutes by previous agreement of the visiting team administration. This is an attempt to shorten the length of time it takes to play the game.
  4. When Clock Starts - When the ball is free-kicked, the game clock will be started and subsequently stopped when the ball is dead by rule. By starting the clock when the foot touches the ball on kicks, the length of time to play the game will be less.
  5. When Clock Starts - When Team B is awarded a first down, the clock will be stopped and will start on the ready for play signal. By starting the clock, the committee estimates it will shorten the game by about five minutes.
  6. Referee’s Discretionary Timeout - To delete the rule relating to excessive crowd noise. This largely unenforceable rule is rarely used in the game currently, as most teams use hand signals to communicate.
  7. Procedural Fouls - Penalty for live ball fouls occurring when the snap starts during scrimmage kick plays: Five yards from the previous spot or five yards from the spot where the subsequent dead ball belongs to Team B (Field goal plays exempted). The receiving team will have the option of accepting the penalty after the return or forcing the kicking team to kick again five yards from the original line of scrimmage. This could eliminate some unnecessary re-kicks.
  8. Opportunity to Score - If a touchdown is scored during a down in which time in the fourth period expires, try shall not be attempted unless the point(s) would affect the outcome of the game. This is mainly an editorial change, but this makes it clear that a team scoring with no time left is not required to attempt an extra point.
  9. Instant Replay (New Rule) - To add a complex procedure on instant replay reviews to the rules book, as an optional permissive rule. After successful experimentation in the past two football seasons, all Division I-A conferences have requested a uniform system of replay to be included in the rules book.