Summary from an excellent article by Eric Gagnon of the Business Marketing Institute on the subject of marketing collateral pieces.

  1. White Paper - a non-promotional document that discusses a business, technical, or other problem or issue, and describes a solution to this problem, which nearly always involves the product of the company publishing the white paper.
  2. Case Study - a non-promotional document that “tells a story” about one of your customers, their business or process, how they used your product, and the outcome and benefits they received by using it.
  3. Applications brief - focuses on specialized uses of your product.
  4. Fact Sheet - a brief summary of any topic directly related to your product, your company, or a product feature.
  5. Brochure of flyer - promotionally-oriented deliverables like brochures, flyers, and other marketing-oriented materials are used in e-mail messaging programs.
  6. E-mail (HTML) - advantages of this type of email is it allows you to include photos and graphics in the message, with attractive font and type formatting for text.
  7. E-mail (Text-Only) - addresses the major problem of HTML emails, which is that some mail programs won't deliver or display images and can reject the email (or render it ineffective.)