Fear of fitness and weight loss failure are major contributors to the worldwide obesity epidemic. Simple home workouts can be instrumental in fighting fat and poor fitness levels. Here are six tips to get you fit.

  1. It's No Fun - Develop this mindset: Fitness is not a leisure pursuit. It's an obligation and a means for you to protect the gift of life you have been given.
  2. Can't Go to the Gym - Create a simple home gym with a little bit of space and a floor mat for core exercises.
  3. Who Wants Nice Legs - Learn compound leg exercises, such as the touch-down, that do not require fitness equipment.
  4. Old and Tired - Perform daily flexibility and stretching exercises for increasing energy and injury prevention.
  5. It's Too Late Now - Use the floor mat for abdominal exercises and thigh exercises that provide a smart foundation for a more advanced fitness program.
  6. No Equipment - Incorporate butt exercises and stomach exercises that do not require weights or exercise machines.
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