They seem to have it all: talent, fame, money. So why do so many professional football players end up as convicts? Here is a list of a few of the pro football players who have been convicted of a crime. The list is organized by name, team name, offense, and sentence. Does anyone know of any more?

  1. Rae Carruth: Carolina Panthers, conspiracy to commit murder, 24 years
  2. Cecil Collins: Miami Dolphins, burglary, 15 years
  3. Dwayne Goodrich: Dallas Cowboys, criminally negligent homicide (hit and run accident), 7 1/2 years
  4. Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson: retired from Dallas Cowboys, sexual assault, bribery, 4 years, eight months (was released after 28 months)
  5. Terry "Tank" Johnson: Chicago Bears, probation violation relating to weapons possession, 120 days
  6. Jamal Lewis: Baltimore Ravens, using a cell phone to facilitate a drug deal, four months
  7. Dexter Manley: Washington Redskins, drug possession, evidence tampering, 4 years (1996) 2 years (2002)
  8. Byron "Bam" Morrism: Kansas City Chiefs, drug trafficking, 30 months
  9. Eugene "Mercury" Morris: retired from Miami Dolphins, drug trafficking, 20 years (conviction overturned - reached plea bargain and released after serving 3 years)
  10. Nate Newton: retired from Dallas Cowboys, drug trafficking, 7 1/2 years (two separate convictions), released after serving about two and a half years
  11. Robert Rozier (a.k.a. Robert Rameses): retired from Arizona Cardinals, multiple murders, convicted of four murders, served 10 years and placed in witness protection after testifying against Yahweh Ben Yahweh, later sentenced to 25 to life on check kiting charge under three strikes rule
  12. Art Schlichter: Indianapolis Colts, forgery, theft, others, 16 years
  13. Alonzo Spellman: retired/cut from Chicago Bears, interference with a flight crew, simple assault, 18 months
  14. Stanley Wilson Sr.: retired from Cincinnati Bengals, burglary, 22 years
  15. Michael Vick: Atlanta Falcons, dog fighting, 23 months
  16. Mercury Morris, Wide receiver for Miami Dolphins, 1970's, Cocaine charges
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