The day-to-day challenges of managing work, home, and raising children can be a nightmare for some. At least most weekdays the kids are in school but with winter break coming up fast, the stresses of having your kids out of classes for a week or more can make the struggle overwhelming. By following the principles found in Sarah Chana Radcliffe's "Raise Your Kids without Raising Your Voice," parents can create an environment that is a haven from the stresses of the rest of the everyday world. The Five Guiding Principles are:

  1. Follow the 80-20 Rule: Interactions between parent and child should feel pleasant to the child 80% of the time.
  2. Emotional Coaching: Acknowledge, accept, and "be with" your child's emotions.
  3. The CLeaR Method of Positive Discipline: Comment, Label, Reward.
  4. The 2x Rule: Ask once. Ask a second time and give choice of compliance or negative consequence.
  5. The Relationship Rule: I only give and accept respectful communication.
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