George Washington was the first and only independent President, as he was not formally affiliated with any party during his two terms. But in recent year a handful of independent candidates have run for President of the United States and made some noise in the election.

  1. John Anderson (1980) - Harvard Law Grad who found most of his support coming from Rockefeller Republicans who were considered more liberal than Reagan,
  2. Elisha Shapiro (1988) - An American nihilist known for his creation of public spectacles promoting a philosophical rejection of objective value and truth.
  3. Ross Perot (1992) - Started Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and later sold it to General Motors. He is a billionaire who recently landed at No. 57 on the Forbes richest people in American list.
  4. Ralph Nader (2004) - In the Atlantic Monthly's 100 Most Influential Americans, Ralph Nader was the 96th most influential American: "He made the cars we drive safer; thirty years later, he made George W. Bush the president."