some informatoin on how to maintain your garden

  1. Select an area/piece of land that has a symmetrical shape and is easily accessible from your home.
  2. The garden should have good fencing to ensure protection from stray animals, intruders etc.
  3. Procure plants that are hardy and do not require too much of attention. For instance Croton, Monsteria, Palms, Money plant, Bougainvillea, Thuja, besides a variety of cactii and lillies can flourish without much fuss.
  4. A bed of grass is absolutely essential for any garden. Visit a reputed nursery or consult a seasoned gardener (maali) for planting a good variety of grass.
  5. Carefully weed out all the wild/unwanted plants, whenever you see them. If weeds are allowed to spread, they will damage your precious plants.
  6. Add compost/homemade manure to your garden soil on a regular basis.
  7. Plant some fruit trees which grow rapidly and easily withstand vagaries of weather. Some plants suggested are papaya, guava, lemon, grapefruit and pomegranate.
  8. In case you are planning to have a bed of flowers select commonly available ones like poppy, sunflower, garden nasturtium, zinnia, phlox, aster, dahlia, larkspur, petunia, chrysanthemum etc.
  9. Exotic flowering plants like roses and tube roses need special care.
  10. Acquire these only if you are well- equipped and confident about looking after them well.
  11. If you wish to have a kitchen garden try planting easily growing and high yielding plants --garlic, ginger, chillies, carrots, turnips, coriander, lady's finger, onions, radishes, brinjals, mint and lots more..they will help to cut down on your food expenses.
  12. Make sure to trim the bushes and shrubs in your garden when the growth becomes wild. A garden with neat well-trimmed plants is aesthetically appealing.
  13. If the plants in your garden get afflicted by insects, use a suitable insecticide in a professional way and not just casually.
  14. Ferns are popular and much sought after garden plants. But they need careful handling and tending. So be very attentive to their needs.
  15. Make sure to mow your lawn regularly. Unkempt lawns create a bad impression.
  16. If you have enough space and adequate resources, put in a small fountain, statuettes or a couple of bid baths. These will add to the charm of your garden.
  17. The latest trend these days is to have theme gardens - Japanese being the most favourite. To this effect colourful and exotic plants are imported-at fancy prices of course!. In fact there is a flourishing market selling all kinds of artifacts to decorate your garden with.
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