While men report attempting suicide during their lifetime about three times as often as men, men are four times more likely to die from suicide than women and suicide is the eighth leading cause of death for all U.S. men. Suicide rates are highest among Whites and second highest among American Indian and Native Alaskan men. Of the 24,672 suicide deaths reported among men in 2001, 60% involved the use of a firearm. Here are some of the more famouse people that have ended their own lives.

  1. Johnny Ace (1954), singer, American singer, playing Russian Roulette
  2. Chris Acland (1996), British drummer (Lush), hanging
  3. Nick Adams (1968), American actor, overdose of paraldehyde and Promazine.
  4. Robert Adams, Jr. (1906), congressman from Pennsylvania, shot himself after heavy losses in stock speculation
  5. Stuart Adamson (2001), Scottish singer (Big Country, Skids), hanging
  6. Chris Adkisson, a.k.a. Chris von Erich, (1991), professional wrestler, gunshot to the head
  7. Kerry Adkisson, a.k.a. Kerry von Erich, (1993), professional wrestler, gunshot wound to the chest
  8. Mike Adkisson, a.k.a. Mike von Erich, (1987), professional wrestler, overdosed on the tranquilizer placidyl
  9. Neil Aggett (1982), South African worker's union leader; hanged in prison (murder is suspected by some)
  10. General Sergei Akhromeev (1991), Soviet military commander who led an unsuccessful coup against Mikhail Gorbachev
  11. Ryunosuke Akutagawa (1927), Japanese writer (author of "Rashomon"), barbital overdose
  12. Leandro Alem (1896), Argentine politician, founder of the Radical Civic Union
  13. Prince Alfred of Edinburgh (1899), member of the British Royal Family
  14. Salvador Allende (1973), president of Chile (elected 1970), and uncle of renowned author Isabel Allende - allegedly shot himself during a coup d'etat against his regime orchestrated by General Augusto Pinochet - some sources allege that he was killed
  15. Marwan al-Shehhi (2001), One of the Arabian suicide hijackers responsible for the attacks on 11 September 2001
  16. Jason Altom (1998), Ph.D. student
  17. Jean Améry (1978), Austrian writer
  18. Forrest Howard Anderson (1989), Governor of Montana
  19. Fridolin Anderwert (1880), Swiss Federal Councilor
  20. Aman Andom (1974), military ruler of Ethiopia; committed suicide to avoid his execution in an internal purge
  21. Gwili Andre (1959), Danish actress
  22. Roger Angleton (1998), brother of imprisoned Texas extortionist who admitted in his suicide note to killing his sister-in-law, socialite Doris Angleton
  23. Anson Jones (1858), doctor, businessman, congressman, and the last president of the Republic of Texas
  24. Mark Antony (30 BC), Roman politician and general
  25. Marshall Applewhite (1997), leader of the Heaven's Gate cult
  26. Hubert Aquin (1977), author
  27. Diane Arbus (1971), art photographer
  28. Reinaldo Arenas (1990), Cuban-American artist and writer
  29. Aristotle, Greek philosopher Although his death is sometimes reported as suicide, this is not historically proven, and many scholars believe Aristotle died a natural death
  30. Pedro Armandariz, (1963)
  31. Edwin Armstrong (1954), U.S. inventor of FM radio; jumped from a 13th floor window believing FM was a failure
  32. Nikolas Asimos (1988), Greek rock musician
  33. Mohamed Atta (2001), leader of 19 Arabian suicide hijackers in the September 11, 2001 attacks, he himself being the suicide pilot of one of four teams; he crashed a plane into the North tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. Its collapse caused a death toll of approx. 1800
  34. George Ault (1948), American painter
  35. Albert Ayler (1970), American jazz saxophonist; jumped into New York City's East River
  36. Milan Babic (2006), former leader of Republic of Serbian Krajina who pleaded guilty to war crimes
  37. James Robert Baker (1997), American writer
  38. Albert Ballin (1918)
  39. José Manuel Balmaceda (1891), President of Chile
  40. Barney Barnato (1897), South African diamond entrepreneur, jumped overboard while his ship was south of Madeira
  41. Isobel Barnett (1980), British TV personality
  42. Donald Barry, AKA Red Ryder (1980)
  43. Diana Barrymore (1960), U.S. actress, writer ('Too Much, Too Soon')
  44. Gert Bastian (1992)
  45. J. Clifford Baxter (2002), Enron vice-chairman
  46. Thomas McKee Bayne (1894), U.S. Congressman from Pennsylvania
  47. Scotty Beckett (1960), child actor, Our Gang films
  48. Gertrude Bell (1926), archaeologist, writer, spy and administrator known as the "Uncrowned Queen of Iraq"
  49. Peter Bellamy (1991), English folk singer
  50. Ota Benga (1916), African Pygmy put on "display" in United States
  51. Walter Benjamin (1940), German cultural theorist
  52. Jill Bennett (1990), British film actress
  53. Pierre Bérégovoy (1993), French Prime Minister, killed himself a month after losing a general election
  54. Hans Berger (1941), German physician and inventor of electroencephalography, by hanging
  55. Mary Kay Bergman (1999), American voice actress
  56. Paul Bern (1932), American film producer, director and writer, husband of Jean Harlow, bullet wound to the head, generally believed to be murdered by Dorothy Millette
  57. Ricky Berry (1989), American NBA Basketball player (Sacramento Kings)
  58. John Berryman (1972), American poet, jumped from the Washington Avenue Bridge (Minneapolis) after waving to passers-by
  59. Bruno Bettelheim (1990), child psychologist
  60. Ward Beysen (2005), Belgian politician
  61. Robert Bishop (1991), fetish artist
  62. Jens Bjørneboe (1976), Norwegian author
  63. Clara Blandick (1962), played Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz
  64. Blossius of Cumae, Roman philosopher who led a failed revolt
  65. Barcroft Boake (1892), Australian poet, hanged himself from a tree
  66. Ludwig Boltzmann (1906), Austrian physicist
  67. Jeremy Michael Boorda (1996), 4-star Admiral, 25th Chief of Naval Operations in the U.S. Navy
  68. Ricardo Bordallo (1990), two-time Governor of Guam
  69. Adrian Borland (1999), British musician
  70. Ernest Borneman (1995), German sexologist
  71. Tadeusz Borowski (1951), Polish author
  72. Francesco Borromini (1667), architect
  73. Georges Boulanger (1891), French politician and general
  74. Tommy Boyce (1994), with Bobby Hart, songwriter for The Monkees
  75. Karin Boye (1941), Swedish author
  76. Charles Boyer (1978), French actor
  77. Frank B. Brandegee (1924), U.S. Senator from Connecticut, died in office
  78. Jonathan Brandis (2003), American actor
  79. Cheyenne Brando (1995), Daughter of Marlon Brando, hanged
  80. Eva Braun (1945), mistress and then wife of Adolf Hitler, cyanide
  81. Richard Brautigan (1984), American writer
  82. Herman Brood (2001), Dutch musician and painter
  83. Barry Brown (1978), actor and writer
  84. Oskar Brüsewitz (1976), East German cleric, committed self-immolation in protest of East Germany's persecution of Protestants
  85. Brutus (42 BC), Roman politician, assassin of Julius Caesar
  86. Eustace Budgell (1737), remembered because his death was discussed in a conversation between Samuel Johnson and his friend and biographer Boswell
  87. Joshua Busch (2006), Tobacco Company Consultant
  88. Bernard Buffet (1999), French painter ('The Crucifixion')
  89. Rembrandt Bugatti (1916), Italian sculptor
  90. Dan Burros (1965), Jewish Neo-Nazi
  91. Andres Caicedo (1977), Colombian novelist
  92. Wallace Hume Carothers (1937), world renowned chemist, suffered chronic depression; killed himself in a hotel in 1937
  93. Don Carpenter (1995), American novelist, friend of Richard Brautigan
  94. Dora Carrington (1932), artist
  95. Kevin Carter (1994), award-winning South African photographer and member of the Bang-Bang Club
  96. Capucine (1990), French actress
  97. Joseph Daniel 'Danny' Casolaro (1991), journalist
  98. Adolphe Mouron Cassandre (1968), painter
  99. Gaius Cassius Longinus (42 BC), Roman politician, co-assassin of Julius Caesar
  100. Robert Stewart, Viscount Castlereagh (1822), British politician
  101. Cato the younger (46 BC), Roman republican statesman
  102. Ugo Cavallero (1943), Italian Field Marshal
  103. Paul Celan (1970), Romanian poet
  104. Valerie Chacon (1982), wife of Bobby Chacon
  105. Iris Chang (2004), Chinese-American author
  106. Claude Chappe (1805), French inventor
  107. Thomas Chatterton (1770), English poet
  108. Leslie Cheung (2003), Hong Kong movie star and singer
  109. Vere Gordon Childe (1957), Australian archaeologist and historian, jumped off Govett's Leap in the Blue Mountains
  110. Vern Christie, (1991), Australian businessman, General Manager of the Commonwealth Bank
  111. Edwin P. Christy, (1862), American entertainer, founder of the Christy Minstrels
  112. Christine Chubbuck (1974), U.S. newsreader, shot herself in the head on live TV after reading the news
  113. Chung Mong-hun (2003), Korean businessman, chairman of Hyundai Asan
  114. Diana Churchill (1963), UK social worker, eldest daughter of Sir Winston Churchill
  115. Jeremiah Clarke (1707), composer of Trumpet Voluntary, shot himself
  116. Cleopatra (30 BC), Queen of Egypt, snake bite
  117. Charmian Clift (1969), Australian writer, wife of George Johnston;
  118. Charles Clegg (1979), American author, photographer and railroad enthusiast
  119. Robert Clive (1774), British conqueror of India and founder of the Empire, cut throat with pen-knife
  120. Kurt Cobain (1994), Lead singer of grunge band Nirvana; self-inflicted shotgun wound.
  121. Harrison Cockrill (1876), U.S. Congressman from Kentucky
  122. Sid Collins (1977), radio voice of the Indianapolis 500, hanged himself after being diagnosed with ALS
  123. Ray Combs (1996), former host of popular American game show Family Feud, used bedsheets to hang himself
  124. Joseph Cordova (2006) shot himself after shooting boxer Vincente Garcia
  125. Pamela Courson (1974), long time girlfriend of Jim Morrison, unknown whether she accidentally or purposely overdosed
  126. Adam Couture, (1973), Former French politician and popular horse collector, used bed sheets to tie himself to horse and dragged across his 30 acre property
  127. F. W. S. Craig (1989), UK election expert
  128. Hart Crane (1932), American poet; jumped from a boat
  129. Darby Crash (1980), American songwriter, singer of the Germs
  130. René Crevel (1935), French writer, gassed himself
  131. Dennis Crosby (1991), actor, son of Bing Crosby
  132. Harry Crosby (1929), writer, publisher
  133. Lindsay Crosby (1989), actor, son of Bing Crosby
  134. Andrew Cunanan (1997), killer of Gianni Versace and four others
  135. Will Cuppy (1949), American writer, humorist
  136. Ian Curtis (1980), English singer and songwriter (Joy Division)
  137. Adam Czerniakow (1942), Warsaw Ghetto leader killed himself rather than obey Nazi orders
  138. Daniel Dumont (2006), Bender
  139. Dalida (1987), French singer
  140. Dorothy Dandridge (1965), American singer and actress, first black woman nominated for Academy Award as Lead Actress for "Carmen Jones", death ruled suicide by overdose
  141. Monika Dannemann (1996), Girlfriend of Jimi Hendrix
  142. Bella Darvi (1971), actress of Polish parentage, gas
  143. Dazai Osamu (1948), Japanese novelist
  144. Guy Debord (1994), French philosopher, member of Situationist International
  145. Jeanine Deckers (1985), Belgian religious, known as The Singing Nun
  146. Albert Dekker (1968)
  147. Delphine Delamare (1848), French woman, the basis for Flaubert's Madame Bovary
  148. Gilles Deleuze (1995), French philosopher, jumped from apartment window
  149. Penelope Delta (1941), Greek author, ingested poison the same day the Germans invaded Athens
  150. Denice Denton (2006), University of California Chancellor, jumped from 42-story San Francisco apartment building
  151. Patrick Dewaere (1982), French actor
  152. Rudolf Diesel (1913), Inventor of the Diesel engine
  153. Dioxippus (336 BC?); Greek pankration fighter who nakedly defeated an armored, and armed, soldier of Alexander the Great's; he was framed for theft, and forced into suicide, for his victory
  154. Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev (2001), young King of Nepal, committed suicide after assassinating his father, King Birendra, and other members of the royal family
  155. Hugo Distler (1942), German composer, is believed to have committed suicide to avoid conscription into the German army
  156. Desmond Donnelly (1974), British politician who fitted into none of the parties he tried
  157. Terence Donovan (1996), English celebrity photographer
  158. Osvaldo Dorticós Torrado (1983), former president of Cuba
  159. Chris Doty (2006), Canadian filmmaker and playwright
  160. Nick Drake (1974), British singer-songwriter, overdose (possibly accidental though officially ruled a suicide) of the anti-depressant, tryptizol
  161. Pierre Drieu La Rochelle (1945), French novelist
  162. Dr. Jonathan Drummond-Webb (2004), American heart surgeon
  163. Micke Dubois (2005), Swedish comedian, hanged himself
  164. Thich Quang Duc (1963), self-immolation, Saigon
  165. Pete Duel (1971), American actor
  166. K Sello Duiker (2005), South African author
  167. Davor Dujmovic (1999), Yugoslavian-Roma actor
  168. James Dungy (2005), son of Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy
  169. Bud Dwyer (1987), American politician, shot himself on live television
  170. Jeanne Eagels (1929), American silent film actress
  171. John P. East (1986), U.S. Senator from North Carolina
  172. George Eastman (1932), inventor
  173. Richey Edwards (1995), member of the Welsh rock band Manic Street Preachers, missing since 1995, assumed to be suicide
  174. Ronnie Edwards (1994), British Great Train robber and flower seller
  175. Tristan Egolf (2005), writer, musician and campaigner
  176. Paul Ehrenfest (1933), Austrian physicist
  177. Harold 'Pompey' Elliott (1931), Australian Senator and war hero, first Federal politician to attempt suicide, gunshot
  178. John Ellis (1932), remorseful hangman
  179. Empedocles (432 BC), Greek philosopher, threw himself into Mt Etna
  180. Gudrun Ensslin (1977), German criminal, member of Baader-Meinhof gang
  181. Peg Entwistle (1932), U.S. actress, the first person to jump from the letter 'H' of the Hollywood sign; step-mother of Brian Keith who also committed suicide
  182. Sergei Esenin (1925), Russian poet, hanging
  183. Tom Evans (1983), Bass guitarist for Badfinger
  184. Richard Farnsworth (2000), U.S. actor, Oscar nominee
  185. Justin Fashanu (1998), British footballer
  186. Rainer Werner Fassbinder (1982), German film director (often listed as a drug overdose)
  187. René Favaloro (2000), Argentinian doctor, creator of the coronary artery bypass surgery
  188. Andrea Feldman (1972), Actor, Warhol superstar
  189. George Fiske (1918), photographer
  190. Robert FitzRoy (1865), Governor-General of New Zealand, Royal Navy officer. Nephew of the Viscount Castlereagh.
  191. Ed Flanders (1995), U.S. actor (St. Elsewhere}
  192. John Gould Fletcher (1950), Pulitzer Prize winning poet
  193. James V. Forrestal (1949), former U.S. Secretary of Defense who quoted Sophocles in his suicide note
  194. Dédé Fortin (2000), leader and singer of Québec band Les Colocs
  195. Vincent Foster, (1993), Deputy White House Counsel, still controversial,
  196. Wade Frankum (1991), Spree shooter of Strathfield Massacre
  197. Sigmund Freud (1939), founder of psychoanalysis (lethal dose of morphine)
  198. John Friedrich (1991), Australian businessman and fraudster
  199. Zviad Gamsakhurdia (1993), former president of Georgia
  200. Ted Gärdestad (1997), Swedish pop musician
  201. Dave Garroway (1982), television host
  202. Romain Gary (1980), Russian-French novelist, film director and diplomat
  203. Danny Gatton (1994), American guitarist
  204. Michel Gauquelin (1991), French psychologist and astrology researcher
  205. Kostas Georgakis (1970), Geology student, committed suicide as a protest to the Greek military junta of 1967-1974
  206. Peter George (1966), author (Red Alert)
  207. Mark Gertler (1939), British artist
  208. Henri Giffard (1882), French aeronautical engineer
  209. Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1935), American feminist and author (Herland)
  210. Kurt Gödel (1978), German logician and mathematician (refused to eat any food)
  211. Joseph Goebbels (1945), German Nazi leader
  212. Hermann Göering (1946), German Nazi leader
  213. Julen Goikoetxea (2006), Spanish cyclist
  214. Fritha Goodey (2004), British actress
  215. Adam Lindsay Gordon (1870), Australian poet ('Life is mostly froth and bubble')
  216. Arshile Gorky (1948), Armenian painter
  217. Eddie Graham (1985), American professional wrestler
  218. Shauna Grant (1984), American adult film actress
  219. Spalding Gray (2004), American playwright, drowned in Atlantic after jumping off Staten Island Ferry
  220. Richard Greene (1983), boxing referee
  221. Peter Gregg (1980), race car driver, gunshot to head
  222. Robert von Greim (1945), German Air Marshal
  223. Anton Gustafsson (2003), Swedish singer (Anton Maiden)
  224. Antonio Guzmán Fernández (1982), serving president of the Dominican Republic
  225. Kenneth Halliwell (1967), English writer, lover of Joe Orton whom he killed before killing himself
  226. Mitch Halpern (2000), American boxing referee
  227. Peter Ham (1975), Welsh rock musician (Badfinger)
  228. Rusty Hamer (1990), American former child actor (The Danny Thomas Show)
  229. Lois Hamilton (1999), American actress, model, author, aviatrix
  230. Tony Hancock (1968), British comedian
  231. Hani Hanjour (2001), Arabian suicide pilot responsible in part for the 11 September, 2001 attacks
  232. Edward Allen Hannegan (1859), U.S. Congressman from Indiana
  233. Hannibal (182 BC), Carthaginian military commander
  234. Lewis Vernon Harcourt (1922), British politician who killed himself after knowledge of his attempted seduction of a 12 year old boy became public
  235. James Harden-Hickey (1898), U.S. eccentric who wrote a book about the appeal of suicide that also featured quotes on the subject from famous people; he chose an overdose of morphine
  236. Mary Hardy (1985), Australian TV personality (found dead in the bath and was presumed to have committed suicide)
  237. Eric Harris (1999), U.S. mass murderer, famous for the Columbine High School Massacre shootings with Dylan Klebold
  238. Michael Daniel Harter (1896), U.S. Congressman from Ohio
  239. Brynn Hartman (1998), wife of actor Phil Hartman whom she killed before turning the gun on herself
  240. Elizabeth Hartman (1987), U.S. actress who emulated a character in her film 'The Group' who jumped from a window
  241. Arihiro Hase (1996), Japanese voice actor best known for his role as Hikaru Ichijyo from the anime TV series Super Dimensional Fortress Macross
  242. Donny Hathaway (1979), singer, best known for his duets with Roberta Flack
  243. Felix Hausdorff (1942), mathematician, committed suicide with his wife and sister-in-law in a concentration camp
  244. Phyllis Haver (1960), American actress of the silent film era
  245. Benjamin Haydon (1846), British painter
  246. Jeanne Hébuterne (1898-1920), painter, partner of Modigliani
  247. Sadegh Hedayat (1951), Iranian writer, gassed himself
  248. John Heddle (1989), British politician
  249. Ernest Hemingway (1961), American novelist, shotgun
  250. Margaux Hemingway (1996), American actress and model; Ernest Hemingway's granddaughter
  251. Benjamin Hendrickson (2006), American actor (As The World Turns), gunshot wound to the head
  252. George Hennard (1991), American spree-killer (Luby's massacre)
  253. James Leo Herlihy (1993), U.S. novelist (Midnight Cowboy)
  254. Willard Hershberger (1940), baseball player, only major league player to commit suicide during the season
  255. Rudolf Hess (1987), Nazi leader
  256. Paul Hester (2005), Australian musician
  257. Hideto Matsumoto (1998), Japanese musician and member of the band X Japan. Asphyxiative hanging by means of a towel, not proven to be suicide.
  258. George Hill (1934), American film director
  259. Heinrich Himmler (1945), German SS leader
  260. Adolf Hitler (1945), Nazi Germany's leader Shot/poisoned himself in bunker
  261. Abbie Hoffman (1989), U.S. political activist and political demonstrator. Some people claim he was murdured.
  262. Hong Xiuquan (1864), Chinese leader of the Taiping Rebellion
  263. Doug Hopkins (1993), musician, founding member of rock group The Gin Blossoms Killed himself with a .38 pistol December 5
  264. Elmyr de Hory (1976), Hungarian art forger
  265. Robert E. Howard (1936), American creator of "pulp" heroes Conan the Barbarian and Red Sonja, shot himself in the head after learning that his mother was in a permanent coma
  266. Danton Hughes (2001), Australian sculptor, son of Time magazine art critic Robert Hughes, gassed himself at home
  267. Francis Hughes (1981), IRA member, died during the 1981 Irish hunger strike
  268. Chuck Humphrey (1998), American Heaven's Gate cult member
  269. Martin Hurson (1981), IRA member, died during the 1981 Irish hunger strike
  270. Suad Husni (2001) Egyptian actress, jumped off balcony
  271. Phyllis Hyman (1995), American singer
  272. Jared High (1998), bully victim, killed himself at age of 13 due to the bully problems
  273. William Inge (1973), U.S. playwright (Picnic, Come Back, Little Sheba, Bus Stop, Splendor in the Grass)
  274. Judas Iscariot (1st century), betrayed Jesus; hanging
  275. Isocrates (338 BC), Greek rhetorician
  276. Juzo Itami (1997), Japanese actor and film director, leapt from the roof of his office building
  277. Cal Jammer (1995), Adult film star
  278. Alice de Janzé (1941), American heiress
  279. Vittorio Jano (1965), automobile design engineer
  280. Jim Jones (1978), leader of the Peoples Temple cult, died along with 914 of his followers in a mass murder-suicide at Jonestown, in northwestern Guyana
  281. Alex Jordan (1995), American porn film actress
  282. Luc Jouret (1994) homeopath, Belgian cult leader
  283. József Attila (1937), Hungarian poet (hit by a train, the fact that it was suicide was never proved and many people think it was an accident)
  284. Ghazi Kenaan (2005), Syrian Minister
  285. Aleksei Maksimovich Kaledin (1918), Cossack leader during the Russian Civil War
  286. Sarah Kane (1999), British playwright
  287. Kostas Karyotakis (1928), Greek poet, shot himself
  288. Yasunari Kawabata (1972), Japanese writer and Nobel Prize for Literature laureate, gassed himself
  289. Ivar Kreuger (1932), Swedish match industrialist, found dead in a hotel room in Paris
  290. Kawakami Bizan (1908), Japanese novelist
  291. Brian Keith (1997), American actor (Family Affair)
  292. Dr. David Kelly (2003), British scientist, source of BBC story about the September Dossier
  293. Samuel A Kendall (1933), congressman from Pennsylvania, self inflicted gunshot wound in the House Office Building
  294. Preston King (1865), Senator from New York, leapt from ferryboat in New York Harbor
  295. Dylan Klebold (1999), U.S. mass murderer, famous for the Columbine High School Massacre shootings with Eric Harris
  296. Heinrich von Kleist (1811), German dramatist and poet
  297. Jochen Klepper (1942)
  298. Günther von Kluge (1944), German Field Marshal
  299. Fletcher Knebel (1993), U.S. novelist (Seven Days in May)
  300. William F. Knowland (1974), former Senate Majority Leader, self inflicted gunshot
  301. Sándor Kocsis (1979), Hungarian football (soccer) player, killed himself in Barcelona after diagnosis of stomach cancer and leukemia
  302. Arthur Koestler (1983), journalist, novelist, political activist, and social philosopher
  303. Sarah Kofman (1994), French philosopher
  304. Hannelore Kohl (2001), wife of ex-chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl
  305. Nestor Kombot-Naguemon (2004), diplomat and politician from the Central African Republic, jumped out of a window in Paris while serving as ambassador to France
  306. Woo Bum-Kon (1982), spree killer, Uiryong, Korea
  307. Prince Fumimaro Konoe (1945), Japanese war criminal
  308. Alexandros Korizis (1941), Greek prime minister
  309. Jerzy Kosinski (1991), Polish-American author
  310. Philip Taylor Kramer (1995), rock musician and physicist
  311. Louis Krages (2001), German race car driver and businessman (raced under the name of John Winter)
  312. Friedrich Wilhelm Krüger (1945), Nazi official during WWII
  313. Friedrich Alfred Krupp (1902), German industrialist, committed suicide when his homosexuality was revealed
  314. Alan Ladd (1964), U.S. film star, overdose of alcohol and pills, highly disputed for many years
  315. Paul Lafargue (1911), son-in-law of Karl Marx, communist theorist and author of The Right to Be Lazy
  316. Robert M. La Follette, Jr. (1953), Senator from Wisconsin
  317. Karen Lancaume (2005), French adult film star
  318. Carole Landis (1948), actress
  319. James H. Lane (1866), Senator from Kansas, general in Civil War, shot himself after being charged with financial irregularities
  320. Hans Langsdorff (1939), captain of the Admiral Graf Spee
  321. Napoleon Lapathiotis (1944), Greek writer
  322. Florence Lawrence (1938), Hollywood's first movie Star
  323. George P. Lawrence (1917), representative from Massachusetts, jumped out of building to death due to stress caused by World War I
  324. Katherine Lawrence (2004), writer
  325. Lee Kyung Hae (2003), South Korean activist
  326. Marshall Ledbetter Jr. (2003), lone man of non-violent protest within an office in Tallahassee, FL capitol building in 1991
  327. Jon Lee (2002), drummer of the band Feeder
  328. Richie Lee (2001), vocalist with U.S. 90s alternative rock band Acetone
  329. Victoria Lee (1888), daughter of Emma Lee French
  330. Megan Leigh (1990), American erotic dancer and porn star
  331. Marc Lepine (1989), Canada's most prolific spree killer
  332. Primo Levi (1987), Italian author and Auschwitz survivor
  333. Meriwether Lewis (1809), U.S. explorer with Clark; died in mysterious circumstances, either murder or suicide
  334. Robert Ley (1945), Nazi war criminal
  335. Max Linder, (1925), French actor
  336. Vachel Lindsay (1931), U.S. poet
  337. Louis Lingg (1887), scheduled to be hanged for his alleged role in the Haymarket Square riot bomb, committed suicide by holding a lit stick of dynamite in his mouth
  338. Ruan Lingyu (1935), Chinese actress
  339. Friedrich List (1846), German economist
  340. Mikael Ljungberg (2004), Swedish wrestler, Olympic gold medalist
  341. Peter Llewelyn-Davies (1960), UK publisher who inspired J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan
  342. Ross Lockridge, Jr. (1948}, U.S. novelist, author of Raintree County
  343. Philip Loeb (1955), blacklisted American actor
  344. Mark Lombardi (2000), U.S. artist whose art described international white-collar crime networks; hanged himself in his Williamsburg, New York studio
  345. Jack London (1916), U.S. novelist (his doctor believed he had committed suicide by overdose of morphine and atropine, but his widow prevailed on a more senior doctor to ascribe the death to uremia, and had the body quickly cremated before an autopsy could be done)
  346. Terry Long (2005), Former NFL player
  347. Hans Loritz (1946), concentration camp commandant at various times - Esterwegen, Dachau, Sachsenhausen
  348. Lorenz Lotmar (1980), Swiss writer
  349. Malcolm Lowry (1957), British writer
  350. Gang Lu (1991), Physics graduate student at the University of Iowa
  351. Gherasim Luca (1994), Romanian surrealist
  352. Lucan (65), Roman poet
  353. Ron Luciano (1995), baseball umpire
  354. J Anthony Lukas (1997), U.S. author and journalist
  355. Aleksandr Mikhailovich Lyapunov (1918), Russian mathematician, mechanician and physicist
  356. Roman Lyashenko (2003), professional hockey player
  357. Frankie Lymon (1968), singer ("Why do Fools Fall in Love?"), drug overdose
  358. Richard Manuel, (1986), singer, multi-instrumentalist, member of The Band, hanged himself while on tour in Florida
  359. Simone Mareuil, (1954), French film actress
  360. Andrew Martinez (2006), nude activist
  361. Susannah McCorkle (2001), jazz singer
  362. Kid McCoy (1940), world champion boxer (real name: Norman Shelby)
  363. Billy Mackenzie (1996), lead singer of 1980s pop group The Associates
  364. Gordon McMaster (1997), British politician
  365. Magnentius (353), Roman usurper
  366. Willy Mairesse (1969), Belgian race car driver
  367. Sándor Márai (1989), Hungarian writer and journalist
  368. Harry Martinson (1978), Swedish author
  369. Denis Matthews (1988), UK pianist
  370. Robert Maxwell (1991), Czech-born UK newspaper magnate who, some believe, jumped overboard in the Atlantic leaving a financial disaster in his wake - the official inquest ruled it was 'accidental drowning'
  371. Vladimir Mayakovsky (1930), Russian poet; his suicide note said 'I don't recommend it for others'
  372. Jacques Mayol (2001), French free-diver
  373. Robert M. McLane (1904), mayor of Baltimore
  374. Joe Meek (1967), Record producer
  375. Niklaus Meienberg (1993), Swiss author
  376. Kitty Melrose (1912), English actress
  377. Joseph Merrick (1890), UK celebrity known as the Elephant Man; alleged to have committed suicide by allowing his massive head to obstruct his windpipe
  378. Charlotte Mew (1928), English poet
  379. Noel Mewton-Wood (1953), Australian pianist; drank prussic acid
  380. James Miller, fan man, (2003), parachutist
  381. Walter M. Miller, Jr. (1996), science-fiction writer
  382. Mary Millington (1979), British porn star
  383. Freddie Mills (1965), world champion boxer
  384. William Oswald Mills (1973), U.S. congressman from Maryland
  385. John Milton (1865), Governor of Florida
  386. Yukio Mishima (1970), Japanese novelist; committed public ritual seppuku
  387. Walther Model (1945), German Field Marshal
  388. Arthur Moeller van den Bruck (1925), German cultural historian
  389. George de Mohrenschildt (1977), gunshot wound to the mouth
  390. Moses Taiwa Molelekwa (2001), South African jazz pianist
  391. Jürgen W. Möllemann (2003), German politician
  392. Marilyn Monroe (1962), American actress (some suspect foul play)
  393. Henry de Montherlant (1972), French writer
  394. Donnie Moore (1989), relief pitcher for the California Angels
  395. Duane R. Morrison (2006), Platte Canyon High School shooting
  396. Ted Moult (1986), British television personality
  397. Renate Müller (1937), German actress
  398. Al Mulock (1968), Canadian actor, committed suicide on the set of his last film, Once Upon a Time in the West
  399. David Munrow (1976), UK early music specialist, founder of the Early Music Consort
  400. James Murray (1936), American silent film actor, (The Crowd), drowned in the Hudson River
  401. Scott Nearing (1983), American peace activist and practical conservationist; by self-starvation at nearly 100 years of age
  402. Oskar Nedbal (1930), Czech composer ('The Tale of the Simply Johnny'); jumped out a window on Christmas Eve
  403. Gérard de Nerval (1855), French writer
  404. Robert Leon Nichols (1997), roadie with the Grateful Dead, in an apparent copy of the Heaven's Gate cult suicides
  405. Joachim Nielsen (2000), Norwegian singer in the band Jokke & Valentinerne, overdosed on heroin
  406. Goce Nikolovski (2006), Macedonian singer
  407. Frank Nitti (1943), U.S. gangster, who shot himself rather than go to jail (some believe that Nitti was murdered)
  408. John O'Brien (1994), author of Leaving Las Vegas (on which the film was based)
  409. Hugh O'Connor (1995), actor
  410. Luis Ocaña (1994), Spanish cyclist, Tour de France winner
  411. Phil Ochs (1976), American singer, hanged himself in sister's apartment, Far Rockaway, New York
  412. Per Yngve Ohlin (a.k.a. Dead), (1991), vocalist for Mayhem, shot himself with a shotgun after having slashed his wrist and cut his throat
  413. Yukiko Okada (1986), Japanese idol of the '80s jumped from a 7 story building after failed wrist slashing and gas inhalation attempts
  414. Jan Palach (1969), protesting Soviet crushing of the Prague Spring
  415. Billy Papke (1936), world champion boxer
  416. Violeta Parra (1967), famous Chilean folk singer
  417. Jules Pascin (1930), French-American painter
  418. John Patrick (1995), U.S. playwright and screenwriter; placed a plastic bag over his head
  419. Cesare Pavese (1950), Italian poet, novelist
  420. George Periolat (1940), Silent film actor, drank arsenic
  421. Petronius Arbiter (66), Roman satirist; opened his own veins
  422. Justin Pierce (2000), British Actor
  423. Richard Piggott (1890), author of the Piggott Forgeries
  424. H. Beam Piper (1964), American science fiction writer
  425. Sylvia Plath (1963), American poet, author and essayist; gassed in kitchen oven
  426. Dana Plato (1999), American actress, drug overdose
  427. Derrick Plourde (2005), Musician, drummer of the Ataris, Lagwagon, Bad Astronaut, RKL and Mad Caddies shot himself on March 30th
  428. Stevie Plunder (1995), Australian guitarist, The Whitlams
  429. Ben Pollack (1971), Drummer and big-band leader from the mid '20s to the Swing era
  430. Jan Potocki (1815), Polish aristocrat, traveler, writer; shot himself with a silver bullet
  431. Marc Potvin (2006), Hockey coach, hanged himself
  432. Nicos Poulantzas (1979), Greco-French Marxist political sociologist
  433. Felix Powell (1942), UK song writer best known for "Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag and Smile, Smile, Smile", once described as 'the most optimistic song ever written'
  434. Lucien Anatole Prevost-Paradol (1870), French journalist and diplomat
  435. George R Price (1975), American population geneticist
  436. Freddie Prinze (1977), Puerto Rican American comedian and actor, best known for television show Chico and the Man, died of self inflicted gunshot wound
  437. Carlos Prío Socarrás (1977), former president of Cuba
  438. Boris Pugo (1991), serving minister of the Interior of the USSR
  439. Jack Purvis (1962), American jazz trumpeter
  440. Richard Quine (1989), U.S. film director
  441. Robert Quine (2004), guitar player of Richard Hell & the Voidoids
  442. Florencio Morales Ramos (1989), Ramito, trova singer
  443. Kuljeet Randhawa (2006), Indian television actress, hanging
  444. Danny Rapp (1983), frontman for Danny & the Juniors
  445. David Rappaport (1990), actor
  446. Jan-Carl Raspe (1977), German criminal in Baader-Meinhof gang
  447. Geli Raubal (1931), niece and possibly lover of Adolf Hitler; officially committed suicide but may have been murdered
  448. Margaret Mary Ray (1998), David Letterman stalker, knelt in front of a train
  449. Roy Raymond (1993), founder of Victoria's Secret
  450. Alfred Redl (1913), Austrian army officer, spied for Russia
  451. George Reeves (1959), U.S. actor, played Superman on television, death officially ruled suicide by gunshot, but remains controversial to this day
  452. David Reimer (2004), Canadian advocate/the "John/Joan" case
  453. Thomas Caute Reynolds (1887), Governor of Missouri
  454. Thomas Reynolds (1844), Governor of Missouri
  455. René Rivkin (2005), Australian stockbroker and entrepreneur
  456. Carlos Roberto Reina (2003), former president of Honduras
  457. Angel Rivero Mendez (1930), Puerto Rican soldier for the Spanish Army, inventor
  458. John Robarts, (1982), former Premier of the Canadian province of Ontario, 1961 - 1971; committed suicide with shotgun
  459. Rachel Roberts (1980), Welsh-born British actress
  460. Bill Robinzine (1982), American basketball player
  461. Charles Rocket (2005), American comedian
  462. Sue Rodriguez (1994), Canadian amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) victim and advocate for Euthanasia
  463. Samuel Romilly (1818), British prison reformer
  464. Erwin Rommel (1944), German Field Marshal
  465. Iris von Roten-Meyer (1990), artist and jurist
  466. Mark Rothko (1970), Russian-American painter
  467. Irv Rubin (2002), leader of the Jewish Defense League
  468. Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria (1889), heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne
  469. Thomas Jefferson Rusk (1857), Senator from Texas
  470. Michael Ryan (1987), mass murderer at Hungerford; shot himself as police closed in on him
  471. Jakub Jan Ryba (1815), Czech composer and teacher
  472. Akutagawa Ryunosuke (1927), Japanese novelist
  473. Johnathan Rubis (1892), American Columnist
  474. Albert Salmi (1990), American actor, apparently shot his wife to death win one gun and shot himself in the heart with another
  475. Alexander Samsonov (1914), Russian military commander, gunshot to head following disastrous Battle of Tannenberg
  476. George Sanders (1972), English actor, barbiturate overdose
  477. Bobby Sands (1981), IRA member, died in the 1981 Irish hunger strike
  478. Monica Santa Maria (1994), "Dalina" (hostess) of the Peruvian children's series Nubeluz
  479. Alberto Santos-Dumont (1932), Brazilian aviation pioneer, hanging
  480. Bruce Sarver (2005), American NHRA driver, gunshot
  481. Savannah (1994), American porn actress, shot herself with a handgun
  482. Gia Scala (1972), British actress, overdose of drugs and alcohol, after previous unsuccessful suicide attempts
  483. David Scarboro (1988), British actor (EastEnders), threw himself from Beachy Head
  484. Eugen Schauman (1904), Finnish nationalist, assassin of Governor-General Nikolai Ivanovich Bobrikov
  485. Martin J. Scheiman,ESQ.{1967},Famed Mad Magazine Attorney and Libal lawyer. of self inflicted gun shot wound.
  486. Margie Schoedinger (2003), filed lawsuit against George W. Bush claiming that she had been raped
  487. Dave Schulthise (2004), bassist for Dead Milkmen
  488. Conrad Schumann (1998), GDR refugee
  489. Ingo Schwichtenberg (1995), former drummer of German power metal band Helloween
  490. 'Screaming Lord Sutch', (1999), UK eccentric singer and politician
  491. William Seabrook (1945), adventurer, travel writer
  492. Jean Seberg (1979), American actress
  493. Edie Sedgwick (1972), American socialite, Warhol superstar
  494. Sergio López Segú (2006), Spanish footballer, threw himself under a train
  495. Seneca the Younger (65), was ordered to commit suicide by the emperor Nero
  496. Anne Sexton (1974), American poet, inhaled carbon monoxide
  497. Frances Ford Seymour (1950), NYC socialite, mother of Peter and Jane Fonda
  498. Del Shannon (1990), American singer
  499. H.A. Shanu (1905), Congo reformer
  500. Harold Shipman (2004), imprisoned British doctor found to have killed 250+ of his patients
  501. Arthur Shrewsbury (1903), former captain of the England cricket team
  502. Elizabeth Siddal (1862), Pre-Raphaelite icon
  503. Eli Siegel (1978), founded Aesthetic Realism
  504. Varnado Simpson (1997), Pfc jointly responsible for the My Lai Massacre
  505. The Singing Nun - see Jeanine Deckers with her companion, Annie Pécher, in 1985 by an overdose of barbiturates and alcohol
  506. Walter Slezak (1983), U.S. actor
  507. Everett Sloane (1965), U.S. actor, part of Orson Welles' Mercury Theater
  508. Elliott Smith (2003), American musician (reported as suicide but still under investigation)
  509. James Leonard Brierley Smith, 1968, South African paleoanatomist
  510. Paul Snider (1980), promoter, murdered Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten then killed himself
  511. Mitch Snyder (1990), U.S. activist, advocate for the homeless
  512. Soga no Emishi (645), statesman
  513. John Hanning Speke (1864), U.K. explorer of Africa
  514. Sir Bernard Spilsbury (1947), U.K. forensic pathologist who helped convict Dr. Crippen; gassed himself in an oven at his laboratory
  515. Layne Staley, (2002), Overdose of heroine
  516. Serge Stavisky (1934), Russian-French swindler
  517. Inger Stevens, 1970, Swedish born American film actress
  518. Gary Stewart (2003), country singer
  519. Adalbert Stifter (1868), Austrian writer
  520. Rory Storm (1972), singer of the Hurricanes (the band Ringo Starr was in before he joined The Beatles), in a pact with his mother
  521. Alfonsina Storni (1938), Argentinian poetess. She committed suicide, by entering the sea at the La Perla beach near Mar del Plata, Argentina.
  522. David Strickland (1999), actor
  523. Yutaka Taniyama (1958), Japanese mathematician
  524. Tawfik Abu al-Huda Baja (1956), former prime minister of Jordan
  525. Sara Teasdale (1933), American poet
  526. Arthur Teele Jr. (2005), former Miami city commissioner; in the lobby of the Miami Herald
  527. Count Paul Teleki (1941), Hungarian statesman
  528. Lou Tellegen (1934), Dutch-born American film actor
  529. Luigi Tenco (1967), Italian singer-songwriter
  530. Jason Thirsk (1996), bassist for Pennywise
  531. Jesse B. Thomas (1853), U.S. Senator from Illinois
  532. Hunter S. Thompson (2005), American author, gunshot
  533. Ric Throssell (1999), Australian diplomat, writer
  534. Georg Tintner (1999), Austrian-born conductor active in Canada and Australia; jumped 11 stories when he was no longer able to conduct due to illness
  535. James Tiptree Jr (1987), American science fiction author, mercy-killed her terminally ill husband and then shot herself
  536. Li Tobler (1975), Swiss actress
  537. Ernst Toller (1939), German writer
  538. Mikhail Tomsky (1936), Russian revolutionary
  539. Wolfe Tone (1798), Irish independence leader
  540. John Kennedy Toole (1969), American novelist
  541. Silvanus Trevail (1903), Cornish architect, shot himself in the lavatory of a train
  542. Metod Trobec (2006), Slovenian killer
  543. Marina Tsvetaeva (1941), Russian poetess and writer
  544. Kurt Tucholsky (1935), German journalist and satirist
  545. Alan Turing (1954), British mathematician and computer scientist
  546. John Walker Turnbull (1999), British Soldier
  547. Randy Turpin (1966), British world champion boxer
  548. Ernst Udet (1941), German air ace and Luftwaffe inspector general
  549. Urmuz (1923), Romanian writer
  550. Gen Ushijima (1945), Japanese military commander who lost the Battle of Okinawa
  551. Vaishnavi (2006), Indian actress
  552. Woodbridge Strong Van Dyke (1941), American film director
  553. George Washington Vanderbilt III (1961), American yachtsman and scientific explorer
  554. Peter Van Eyck (1969), Dutch-UK film actor
  555. Vincent van Gogh (1890), Dutch painter, gunshot to chest
  556. Johannes Vares (1946), Estonian poet, doctor and politician
  557. Getúlio Dornelles Vargas (1954), President of Brazil, killed himself during impeachment trial
  558. Publius Quinctilius Varus (9), at the end of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest
  559. Minnie Vautrin (1941), American missionary who helped the Chinese during the Nanking Massacre in 1937
  560. Lupe Vélez (1944), actress
  561. Baroness Mary Vetsera (1889), mistress of Crown Prince Rudolph - disputed: see Mayerling
  562. Tudor Vianu (1964), Romanian writer
  563. Hervé Villechaize (1993), French actor
  564. Pierre-Charles Villeneuve (1806), French admiral who lost the Battle of Trafalgar
  565. Petri Walli (1995), Finnish rock musician
  566. Jeremy Michael Ward (2003), musician in The Mars Volta
  567. Stephen Ward (1963), U.K. osteopath who was caught up in the Profumo affair
  568. Peter Warlock (1930), U.K. composer (also known as Philip Heseltine)
  569. Andre Waters (2006), former American football player
  570. Doodles Weaver (1983), U.S. comedian, member of Spike Jones' City Slickers
  571. Gary Webb (2004), U.S. investigative reporter; death ruled as suicide from two gunshots
  572. Otto Weininger (1903), Austrian philosopher
  573. Ernst Weiß (1940), German author
  574. George Weldon (1963), U.K. conductor, died in South Africa
  575. Horace Wells (1848), dentist who pioneered the use of anesthesia
  576. Vince Welnick (2006), Grateful Dead keyboardist; founding member and keyboardist of the Tubes
  577. Fred West (1995), husband of convicted British killer Rosemary West Hanged himself in prison whilst awaiting trial on the same crimes
  578. James Whale (1957), U.K. film director
  579. Samuel Whitbread (1815), Whig politician
  580. Dan White (1985), assassin of San Francisco mayor George Moscone and city manager Harvey Milk, carbon monoxide
  581. Charles White Whittlesey (1921), Medal of Honor Recipient, famed commander of WWI's Lost Battalion
  582. Paul Williams (1973), singer (Temptations)
  583. Percy Williams (1982), athlete
  584. Rozz Williams (1998), Musician, "Christian Death"
  585. Wendy O. Williams (1998), musician, The Plasmatics
  586. Greg Wilton (2000), Australian Federal politician
  587. John Gilbert Winant (1947), Governor of New Hampshire
  588. Sheree Winton (1976), U.K. actress and mother of Dale Winton
  589. Eduard Wirths (1945), military surgeon conducted research work at Auschwitz concentration camp
  590. Stanislaw Ignacy Witkiewicz (1939), Polish author, novelist, painter, philosopher
  591. David Witt (2006), father-in-law of 2006 Tour De France winner Floyd Landis
  592. Frank Wolff (1971), American actor
  593. Wally Wood (1981), cartoonist
  594. Virginia Woolf (1941), British novelist, drowned herself in a river
  595. Andrew Wood (1990), American singer (Mother Love Bone), died of a heroin overdose
  596. Alfredo Yabrán (1998), Argentine businessman
  597. Kelly Yeomans (1997), school girl whose death sparked media controversy
  598. Sergei Yesenin (1925), poet, husband of Isadora Duncan
  599. Haile Yimenu (1991), former prime minister of Ethiopia
  600. Gig Young (1978), U.S. actor
  601. Bernd Alois Zimmermann (1970)
  602. Marion Anthony Zioncheck (1936), congressman from Washington, jumped out of office building
  603. Mahmoud Zuabi (2000), Syrian prime minister shot himself on May 21, two months after resigning over corruption charges
  604. Stefan and Lotte Zweig (1942), Austrian novelist and his wife, barbital overdose
  605. Szmul Zygielbojm (1943), committed suicide to protest the indifference of Allied governments in the face of the Holocaust
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