This looks like evidence that there is no such thing as a non-contact sport.

  1. Miami vs. Florida International -- Oct. 14, 2006: In the first meeting between the two schools whose campuses are nine miles apart, heated words and taunting led to a third-quarter free-for-all that lasted about five minutes and resulted in 13 players getting ejected from the game. Florida International subsequently dismissed two players from the team and suspended 16 others indefinitely. Miami suspended one player indefinitely and 12 others for one game.
  2. New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox -- Oct. 11, 2003: During a Pedro Martinez-Roger Clemens showdown in Game 3 of the ALCS, all heck broke loose. When Yankees bench coach Don Zimmer, 73, lunged toward Martinez, the Red Sox right-hander shoved Zimmer into the Fenway sod. Later in the game New York reliever Jeff Nelson and right fielder Karim Garcia got into a fight with a Fenway Park groundskeeper after he cheered for Boston in the Yankees' bullpen.
  3. Indiana Pacers vs. Detroit Pistons -- Nov. 19, 2004: Pistons center Ben Wallace shoved Pacers forward Ron Artest after being fouled hard by Artest with the game's outcome already decided. Players from both teams starting shoving each other, and before long Artest was charging into the stands after a fan threw a cup at him. Artest was suspended for the remainder of the season, the stiffest of the nine penalties issued by the NBA.
  4. San Francisco Giants vs. Los Angeles Dodgers -- Aug. 22, 1965: The Giants and the Dodgers were bitter rivals engaged in a pennant race when Juan Marichal came up to bat against Sandy Koufax. When Dodgers catcher Johnny Roseboro threw a ball back to Koufax that nicked Marichal's ear, the San Francisco ace struck the catcher with his bat, setting off a melee and opening a two-inch gash on Roseboro's head. Marichal was suspended nine days and fined $1,750.
  5. Clemson vs. South Carolina -- Nov. 20, 2004: In a game played one day after the Malice at the Palace -- the worst brawl in NBA history -- Clemson and South Carolina players marred Lou Holtz's last game as a coach with a bench-clearing brawl in the fourth quarter. Both schools suspended players and agreed not to play in a bowl game that season.
  6. Frank Francisco -- Sept. 13, 2004: Angry at a fan who the Texas Rangers claim was heckling pitcher Doug Brocail about his stillborn child, Francisco threw a folding chair into the stands that hit the alleged heckler's wife in the face. Francisco was suspended for the rest of the 2004 season. He pleaded no contest to charges and was sentenced to anger management and a work program.
  7. Nolan Ryan vs. Robin Ventura -- Aug. 4, 1993: Ventura had a decent career, but most people will remember him for getting a bunch of noogies from Ryan, who, at 46, was 20 years his elder. Ventura was ejected from the game and Ryan stayed in. The Rangers won 5-2.
  8. Eric Cantona -- Jan. 25, 1995: The Manchester United striker kicked an abusive spectator in the chest during a match against Crystal Palace. He was suspended until the following October and sentenced to community service after an appeals court overturned his two-week prison sentence for assault.
  9. Boston Bruins vs. New York Rangers and fans -- Dec. 23, 1979: Following a 4-3 Bruins victory over the Rangers, a skirmish broke out between players for both sides, and fans joined in by throwing objects at the Bruins. Several of Boston's players stormed the stands, including Mike Milbury, who beat a fan with a shoe.
  10. New York Knicks vs. Miami Heat -- April 30, 1998: The Knicks-Heat playoff rivalries of the late `90s were heated affairs, perhaps none more memorable than the fight that broke out in Game 4 of a first-round series in which Knicks coach Jeff Van Gundy (below) hung on to the leg of Alonzo Mourning while trying to break up the melee. The NBA suspended Mourning and Larry Johnson for the bout.
  11. New York Yankees vs. Baltimore Orioles -- May 19, 1998: After giving up an eighth-inning, three-run home run to Bernie Williams, O's reliever Armando Benitez drilled Tino Martinez in the back with a pitch, setting off a 10-minute brawl that included a sucker punch of Benitez by the Yanks' Darryl Strawberry. ''It was the worst brawl I've seen in 25 years,'' George Steinbrenner said.
  12. Pete Rose vs. Bud Harrelson -- Oct. 8, 1973: The Mets were routing the Reds 9-2 in Game 3 of the NLCS when Rose slid hard into Mets shortstop Harrelson at second to break up a double play. Rose was upset about comments Harrelson had made in the press and shoved Harrelson, who swung his elbow. Fists started flying as both benches emptied. Pedro Borbon of the Reds and Buzz Capra of the Mets also went mano a mano, with Borbon ending up with the wrong cap -- a Mets cap -- on his head. When he realized what he had done, he bit a chunk out of it.
  13. Philadelphia Flyers vs. Ottawa Senators -- March 5, 2004: A record 419 penalty minutes were handed out in a fight-filled game that first turned ugly when Donald Brashear and Rob Ray dropped the gloves. At the conclusion of the game, only six players were left on each side.
  14. Detroit Tigers vs. Chicago White Sox -- April 22, 2000: One brawl wasn't enough for these teams, who fought in the seventh and ninth innings of a 14-6 Chicago victory. Final tally: five hit by pitches and 11 ejections. "Bottom line is, we won the game and we killed them," Chicago pitcher Jim Parque said. "I hope they have enough guys so we can beat them again."
  15. Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Devil Rays -- Aug. 28, 2000: Pedro Martinez's bid for a no-hitter began with a brawl. Martinez began the game by hitting the leadoff hitter, Devil Rays outfielder Gerald Williams, who charged the mound and floored Martinez with a punch. Umpires ejected Williams and seven other Devil Rays but allowed Martinez to remain in the game. He ended up allowing a single in the ninth inning that broke up his no-hit bid.
  16. Cincinnati Reds vs. Chicago Cubs -- June 19, 2003: Reds starter Paul Wilson was trying to bunt when Cubs reliever Kyle Farnsworth threw a fastball high and tight. Wilson said something to Farnsworth, who charged toward home plate, flipped off his glove and slammed Wilson to the ground before landing a punch to the face. A pileup quickly ensued on top of the two pitchers.
  17. Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees -- July 24, 2004: Red Sox captain Jason Varitek didn't appreciate Alex Rodriguez's staring down Red Sox starter Bronson Arroyo after getting hit by a pitch. Varitek and A-Rod squared off. Both dugouts and bullpens emptied, and both players were ejected. The inspired Red Sox rallied to win the game on Bill Mueller's ninth-inning homer off Mariano Rivera.
  18. Chicago Cubs vs. Chicago White Sox -- May 20, 2006: Cubs catcher Michael Barrett didn't take too kindly to being run over at the plate by his counterpart, White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski. After Pierzynski slapped home plate and got up, Barrett grabbed him and punched him in the jaw. "He grabbed me and said, 'I didn't have the ball' and then he punched me," Pierzynski said. "I was trying to pick up my helmet."
  19. Detroit Red Wings vs. Colorado Avalanche -- March 26, 1997: In the fourth meeting of the season between the Western Conference rivals, there were several fights in the first period, but the one that tipped the scales was when Wings enforcer Darren McCarty went after Claude Lemieux. By the end of the night, there were 18 major penalties for fighting and 144 penalty minutes.
  20. New York Knicks vs. Denver Nuggets -- Dec. 16, 2006: Ten players were ejected after a brawl broke out between the Knicks and Nuggets at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 16. Nate Robinson, second from left, and Denver's J.R. Smith, right, exchange words while Carmelo Anthony looks on. New York Knicks' Jared Jeffries, left, is restrained. The NBA penalized seven of the players two days later.
  21. Utah Valley vs New Mexico State -- Feb 27, 2013: Utah Valley's overtime win over New Mexico State prompted fans to storm the court of a college basketball game, unaware that players from both teams were in the middle of a postgame brawl.
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