I bought my kid Monopoly for Christmas, and although he is only 5, I am trying to teach him the best strategies to use when playing the game. I scoped out a lot of sites and this is the list I came up with...

  1. Always buy Railroads; never buy Utilities (at full price)
  2. For every other property type, only buy them to complete a monopoly or to prevent opponents from completing one. The name of the game seems to be in completing a CG (in monopoly speak, a Color Group). That is where the power is.
  3. If you have a CG, put on 3 houses. I used to always think you go directly to hotel if you can afford it...but the monopoly gods are saying that is just not true.
  4. Single properties are the least good investment if you don’t build on them. I had no idea. I always just tried to gobble up all properties (while still maintaining some cash)...but the monopoly gods say no, unless it is hurting your competitor.
  5. Jail can be good. Stay in Jail as long as you can if an opponent owns a monopoly. - Now this is a tough one to teach my kid. What mom wants to tell his kid to stay in jail!
  6. Get the Orange CG...you know, the one with St. James Place. The competitor in me has always wanted the Green and Blue (who doesn't want Boardwalk!) but statistics say that you get a better return for your money with the other properties...who knew?!
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