Presidents can be influential in good and bad ways, and before, during and after their time in office. In order, these are the most influential Presidents in history of the United States of America:

  1. George Washington - Father of our nation who turned down a chance to be king. Without him, we wouldn't be governing ourselves.
  2. Abraham Lincoln - Kept the nation together at a time when it was almost torn apart. Also enabled the emancipation of the slaves.
  3. Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Lead us through the Depression and World War II.
  4. Thomas Jefferson -The author of the five most important words in American history: “All men are created equal.”
  5. Andrew Jackson - War hero who captured New Orleans and established the "Jacksonian" form of government where Executive Power was expanded.
  6. Theodore Roosevelt - Whether busting trusts or building canals, he embodied the “strenuous life” and blazed a trail for twentieth-century America.
  7. Woodrow Wilson - Lead us through World War I and became a moral leader for International cooperation (League of Nations) to help establish permanent peace in Europe.
  8. Harry S Truman - An accidental president, this machine politician ushered in the Atomic Age and then the Cold War.
  9. Dwight Eisenhower - War hero who commanded all the Allied Troops to victory in World War II and lead us through much of the early Cold War.
  10. George W. Bush - Declared War on Terrorism after 9-11, then overthrew Saddham Hussein in 2003 War with Iraq that is still ongoing
  11. Ronald Reagan - The amiable architect of both the conservative realignment and the Cold War’s end.
  12. Richard Nixon - He broke the New Deal majority, and then broke his presidency on the Watergate scandal.
  13. Lyndon B. Johnson - responsible for the "Great Society" legislation on civil rights, Medicare, Medicaid, environmental protection, the "War on Poverty," and greatly escalated direct American involvement in the Vietnam War.
  14. John F. Kennedy - Events during his administration include the Bay of Pigs Invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the building of the Berlin Wall, the Space Race, the African American Civil Rights Movement and early stages of the Vietnam War.
  15. James K. Polk - Expansionist President who lead us into the Mexican American war over a territorial dispute that became a political hot-button.
  16. Bill Clinton - Presided over the longest period of peace-time economic expansion in American history, which included a balanced budget and a federal surplus