In 2014, the first NCAA College Football Championship Tournament resulted in The Ohio State Buckeyes earning, what many call, the first undisputed national college NCAA Division 1 football champion. Different polls and systems have declared national champions based on algorithms, guess, coaches voting and in some cases, perhaps pixie dust. In the 2000's more than a dozen systems have been used to determine the college football national champions (or at least the best team that year), including the Anderson and Hestor system, the BCS, the Dunkel system, Berryman system and the Eck to name a few. Since 1999, there have been only 5 (including the Buckeyes) that were named by all the polls/systems as champions. Interestingly one of those teams, the 2004 USC Trojans, had to vacate the championship and as far this author knows, no replacement was named (Oklahoma,Auburn,Utah and Boise State were undefeated in 2004), though Auburn is generally recognized as the champion that year) Here are the champions recognized from 2000 -2014:

  1. 2014 The Ohio State University Buckeyes - Tournament championship game winner
  2. 2013 Florida State Seminoles
  3. 2012 Alabama (13-1) and Notre Dame (12-1) - Notre Dame was named champion only by Colley Matrix
  4. 2011 Alabama, Louisiana State University (Congrove Computer Rankings and Anderson & Hester), and Oklahoma State (Colley Matrix)
  5. 2010 Auburn (14-0) and Texas Christian University (13-0 named by Congrove Computer Rankings only)
  6. 2009 Alabama Crimson Tide
  7. 2008 Florida (13-1) and Utah (13-0) Utah named by Anderson and Hester, and the Massey College Football Ratings
  8. 2007 LSU (12-2), Missouri (12-2 named by Anderson and Hester), and USC (11-2 named by Dunkel System only)
  9. 2006 Florida (13-1) and The Ohio State University (12-1 named only by Rothman FACT)
  10. 2005 Texas (13-0)
  11. 2004 USC (11-0) USC The FWAA stripped USC of its 2004 Grantland Rice Trophy and vacated the selection of its national champion for 2004. The BCS also vacated USC's participation in the 2005 Orange Bowl and vacated USC's 2004 BCS National Championship and the AFCA Coaches' Poll Trophy was returned
  12. 2003 LSU (13-1), Oklahoma (12-2 named only by Berryman QPRS) and USC (12-1 named by AP, Congrove Computer Rankings NYT and others)
  13. 2002 The Ohio State University (14-0) and USC (11-2 named by Dunkek, Matthews Grid Ratings and Sagarin)
  14. 2001 University of Miami (FL) (12-0)
  15. 2000 Oklahoma (13-0) and Miami (11-1 named only by New York Times)
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