In today's world, buyers determine when and who.

If you are a business that sells to other businesses, and you are starting to think that the world has passed you by, you may be right.   The Internet and sites like Google, social media, and an exploding array of new digital channels and devices have empowered buyers.

In the old days your sales people controlled the flow of information.  Not anymore.

Below are some things you should know to improve your revenues and close more deals.   It all starts with understanding buyers and their journey.

  1. A buyer becomes aware of a business challenge or opportunity. Fact - 92% of B2B prospects turn to the Internet to begin their research.
  2. The buyer starts solving their problem via online research. Fact - 77% of B2B buyers say the do not talk to sales reps until after they perform their own independent research online.
  3. The buyer explores solutions, researches vendors, and determines their strategy. Fact - 36% of buyers said they don't engage with a salesperson until after they had narrowed their selection to a short list of preferred vendors.
  4. Once the buyer creates a short list, he or she remains in control. Fact - 94% of buyers are viewing multiple pieces of content from the vendor they ultimately select.
  5. Summary - In the beginning, you need to generate awareness, attract online visitors, and get an inquiry. In the middle, you need content coverage of your target market to convert visitors into leads to make their short list. At the end, you need content and tools to advance sales qualified leads in order to close more deals.
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