No less than ASHER Strategies and Zig Ziglar provide insight into the following prospect and lead management best practices that you should undertake to be an elite sales person.

Zig Zilar on the secrets of closing the sale

Closing great deals is a function of great lead qualification up front.

Being able to qualify leads is what ASHER considers to be one of the first five critical factors in sales success.

  1. It takes an average of 12 contacts to make the sale to a qualified prospect
  2. The average sales person only makes 3, because they are incentivized to focus only on customers showing buying intent
  3. A contact can be a personal visit, a phone conversation, a voice mail message, a text message, an email exchange, a direct mail message, a broadcast email, a webinar, a tweet, an instant message, a personal note, a newsletter, a Facebook/LinkedIn email, and more
  4. Use Google Alerts to email recent news articles, blog entries, or press releases
  5. The "thumb rule" for contact frequency is once a month
  6. Use standard voicemails to ease recording time in CRM
  7. Always leave an interaction with a buyer with an action item for yourself, even if you have to suggest it
  8. When appropriate, send and email to the prospect thanking him or her for the initial meeting and summarizing the agreed upon items (within two hours of the meeting)
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