There are probably too many for me to list, but here is the start of a list as to why Columbus, Ohio is the best place to live.

  1. OSU Buckeyes - need I say more?
  2. location, location, location - how much more convenient can it be to get to any place else in the U.S.? You are always just a hop, skip and a jump away.
  3. It's Cheap! - Cost of living is in your favor. Want to do something else with your money and your life? Then LIVE in Columbus and the "world is your oyster."
  4. It's Friendly - we are from the midwest...what would you expect?
  5. Good Business - we have more coporate headquaters then you would expect (Nationwide, Limited, Worthington Industries, Cardinal Health, etc.) and we are one of the largest distribution hubs.
  6. Temperature - Some of you will disagree...but I think the temperature in Columbus is reasonably mild (we don't have the snow of Cleveland) and even though we have a few grey's generally pretty mild.
  7. The Zoo - one of the best zoo's in the nation
  8. The Scioto River - Okay, its not the Pacific Ocean, but it is a body of water, and its nice to be able to get away from downtown and escape to the water's edge.
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