Handy information to fix your garden Hose!

  1. Thread a gun-type nozzle onto the end of the leaking hose.
  2. Turn on the hose to find the hole or leak.
  3. Turn off the hose, remove the nozzle and mark the leak with black tape or a marking pen.
  4. Purchase a hose repair kit from the hardware store. Repair kits allow you to cut damaged area out of the hose and reattach the two pieces with new connectors.
  5. Cut off the leaky fitting with your garden shears. If the leak is in the center of the hose, cut an inch or two on either side of the hole.
  6. Soak the cut end in hot, soapy water. The hot water will expand and soften the rubber, making it easy to slip the repair fitting inside the hose.
  7. Clamp the plastic pieces on either side of the hose and screw them in place tightly.
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