Like watching a train wreck, America has a sick fascination with celebrity romances gone bad. And these are some of the most sensational celebrity marriages we watched fall apart recently.

  1. Chad Murray & Sophia Bush—The young costars of One Tree Hill, called it quits after just five months of marriage.
  2. Renee Zellweger & Kenny Chesney—After only four months, Zellweger called the marriage to the country singer a "fraud" and asked for an annulment.
  3. Kathy Griffin & Matt Moline—The comedian decided to end the four-year marriage to Matt Moline. There wasn't much chemistry between them in most episodes of her A List television series shown on some cable networks during 2005.
  4. Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen—The bad-boy actor got dumped while his wife was six months pregnant with their second child.
  5. Brad Pitt & Jennifer Anniston—After five years of marriage, Brad’s passion focused on co-star Angelina Jolie
  6. Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey—The reality TV stars of The Newlyweds called it quits after three years. Two words: No prenup.
  7. Heidi Klum & Ric Pipino—The supermodel and celebrity hairstylist separated in 2002 but waited to sign the papers.
  8. Valerie Bertinelli & Eddie Van Halen—The 25-year marriage ended after a four-year separation.
  9. Christina Applegate & Johnathan Schaech—Their careers went in different directions and then so did they.
  10. Tori Spelling & Charlie Shanian—Like an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210: Married in 2004 divorced in 2005 and now she’s engaged to her costar who is divorcing his wife of 12 years.
  11. Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra - The stars of the MTV show 'Til Death Do Us Part' didnt make it quite that long.
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