1000 Reasons Why I Love You (for Her / from Him)

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Here are thousands of reasons why I love you:

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11 No-Cost Gifts You Can Give Them Right Now

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Seeking to avoid the financial "holiday hangover" that often comes in January, many consumers are planning to spend less than they did on holiday gifts in 2005. In fact, although overall holiday spending is expected to increase this year, a survey by Prinicpal Financial Group found that just 9 percent of workers and 5 percent of retirees planned to spend more money than last year. Looking for a thoughtful gift idea? A pretty package of your homemade Christmas cookies is sure to please (and you get to enjoy the moments you share with your family while making them). Further, fed up with the increasingly prevalent materialistic aspects of the holidays, many Americans are seeking ways to bring back the real meaning of the holiday season. Finally, some people are just plain old very last-minute shoppers, and are therefore, well, pushed to consider alternatives to typical purchased gifts. One such way is giving gifts from the heart, which cost no money but impart a lot of meaning.

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Hottest Toys for the Holidays 2014

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Wondering what the top toys are this year? These will be some of the hardest toys to find in stores pre-Christmas 2014:

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The 10 Worst Holiday Gift Ideas

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Giving gifts is an art, and unfortunately many people are still at the finger-painting stage. Here's ten-plus common gift ideas that should be avoided - and why - along with seven sure-bets when it comes to giving gifts.

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Top 10 Tips for Holiday Gift Giving

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The holidays can be a stressful time, especially when it comes to shopping and gift giving. Here are some helpful tips to make it less challenging.

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Top 10 Can’t-Miss Guy-Approved Gift Ideas

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Need a great gift idea for the the man in your life, a best friend, your dad, brother, or Uncle, or just for some random dude somewhere? Try one of these guy-approved gift ideas:

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Top 10 Cool Gifts for Teens for Under $25.00

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You've heard about the best holiday items for teens and tweeners. But you always want to find a bargain. You can buy everything on the list for less than $25!

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The 12 Best No-Cost Very-Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

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Whether people want to give a "gift from the heart," or they're low on money, or they simply waited till the last minute but still want to give a gift that will be appreciated, these twelve fantastic gift ideas won't cost them a dime.

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Top 5 Tiny Tech Gifts

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Retrevo's Shopping Research Team has picked a handful of tiny tech gadgets for happy holiday stocking stuffing. The team's picks are the smallest products of their kind in each of the following categories: cellphones, smartphones, home audio, portable audio and portable video.

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8 Holiday Gifts to Give Bereaved Families After the Death of a Child

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When a child has died, the holidays are a very difficult, stressful time for the family. While others are enjoying the festive atmosphere, bereaved families are faced with the specter of an empty chair at the holiday dinner, and the dilemma of whether to hang their missing child's stocking. Here are eight gifts from an expert, a bereaved parent herself, that family and friends can give to help grieving families survive the holidays.

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Modern Anniversary Gifts

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The traditional anniversary gift list is starting to be replaced by a modern version. The origin of the traditional list is not known, but most of the materials are outdated. This list may be more appropriate.

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