Top 23 Facts about the Number 23

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In light of Jim Carrey's movie "The Number 23," we examine why it is portrayed as such a powerful number. Do you have any paranormal ties to the number 23? Remember 2+3=5(all prime numbers) and 2/3=.666. Is there really something to this phenomenon?

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America’s Top 100 Paying Jobs

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Salary.com has ranked the top 100 highest paying non-executive job titles If you're a brain surgeon, finance guy, lawyer, congratulations. Your salary kicks butt. To see the median salaries for these jobs, click here. http://netscape.salary.com/articles/body/atcl_careeradvice.asp?atc=533 To see the median salaries for the top 100 executive jobs, click here. http://netscape.salary.com/articles/body/atcl_careeradvice.asp?atc=532

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