There have been no large, long-term studies to tell us the benefits and risks of using testosterone replacement therapy. For the studies that have been done, researchers are not always in agreement about the benefits and risks of TRT. More research needs to be done. Testosterone replacement therapy might have these risks:

  1. Higher chance of prostate cancer
  2. Rise in hemoglobin levels above the normal range
  3. Problems passing urine, also called voiding symptoms. This includes poor urine flow, feeling like you can’t empty your bladder, or hesitancy before urinating.
  4. Liver damage from oral preparations of testosterone
  5. Sleep apnea (stopping breathing during sleep)
  6. Breast tenderness and swelling
  7. Testicles get smaller
  8. Fertility problems while using TRT
  9. Skin reaction from patches or gel
  10. Pain, soreness, or bruising from injection
  11. Fluid retention
  12. Acne
  13. Oily skin
  14. Increased body hair
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