This study was compiled and published by The League of American Bicyclists, an organization thatrepresents bicyclists in the movement to create
 safer roads, stronger communities, and a bicycle-friendly America. Through information, advocacy and promotion, we work to celebrate and preserve the freedom cycling brings to our members everywhere. The League believes that: Bicycling brings people together. When more people ride bikes: Life is better for everyone; Communities are safer, stronger and better connected; Our nation is healthier, economically stronger, environmentally cleaner and more energy independent. Their mission is to lead the movement to create a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone. As leaders, our commitment is to listen and learn, define standards and share best practices to engage diverse communities and build a powerful, unified voice for change. The League annually ranks all 50 states on how bikeable they are. The results are below. You can find out more information about the The League at

  1. Washington
  2. Minnesota
  3. Delaware
  4. Massachusetts
  5. Utah
  6. Oregon
  7. Colorado
  8. California
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Maryland
  11. New Hersey
  12. Pennsylvania
  13. Virginia
  14. Illinois
  15. Maine
  16. Ohio
  17. Vermont
  18. Michigan
  19. Arizona
  20. Tennessee
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