Use the ten proven steps taken by the world's most successful sales professionals to close more deals.

Elite sales people use these ten skills to out-sell everyone else.

Did you know that 4% of sales people sell 94% of all goods and services in the United States?  Did you also know that when you take out big-ticket items like aircraft carriers, planes, and buildings, the top 20% of salespeople still make 80% of all sales?

If you want to be one of these top performers, the following list from ASHER Strategies presents the top ten skills that these people employ to close deals in the order that they use them.

  1. Focus on a Few Top Prospects
  2. Use Coaches to Understand Customer Requirements
  3. Research Prospects Prior to First Contact
  4. Ask Questions and Listen
  5. Be a Solutions Provider
  6. Provide Appropriate Marketing Messages
  7. Recognize the Buyer’s Shift
  8. Know How to Close the Sale
  9. Building Long-term Relationships with Clients
  10. Ask for Referrals and Customer Feedback
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