The year's not over yet. But it's nearing quickly. Which means it will soon be time for best-of-the-year lists to appear on all your favorite magazines, shows, and blogs. And if you thought I fell off that wagon, you were wrong. I am, and will always be, a lister. My first top ten list in the series of "Best of 2012" is of TV commercials. There have been a lot of great ads this year -- from Charlie Sheen, Bud Light, and Doritos during the Super Bowl; through a younger, hipper award season; to the more traditional holiday favorites -- but only these ten made the list for 2012 (so far):

  1. The Dog Strikes Back (Volkswagen):
  2. Man's Best Friend (Suburu):
  3. Counts (Nike):
  4. Star Wars Fantasy Football (ESPN):
  5. iPad Mini Heart and Soul (Apple):
  6. Sousaphone (Hyundai):
  7. The Next Big Things (Samsung):
  8. Transactions (Acura):
  9. Accurate. Deadly. Dependable. (Hornady):
  10. Don't Tell Mom (Hyundai):
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